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  • Eric Tai, Troy Montero Prove Baby Care Duties Are Not Just Exclusively For Moms

    It’s normal to be scared, dads, but what matters is the willingness to learn and do your best!
    by Rachel Perez .
Eric Tai, Troy Montero Prove Baby Care Duties Are Not Just Exclusively For Moms
PHOTO BY @troymontero and @eruption23 on Instagram
  • Gone are the days that dad’s only role in the family is to bring home the bacon, as such purpose is now also being fulfilled by moms. Dads today can be very hands-on in parenting, as caring for a baby is not solely a mother’s job. But, understandably, some dads may still feel scared that they won’t do things right, or harm their precious little ones.

    But, really, all it takes it the willingness to learn, which comes from their love for their baby, and everything will be okay. Take, for example, celebrity dads Eric Tai and Troy Montero.

    Eric Tai: “Us daddies got to learn how to do everything,” including feeding baby solid foods.

    Yesterday, the celebrity host shared a video of him feeding his 7-month-old son Legend. Mom Rona Tai was behind the camera shooting the video.

    Eric didn’t disclose what Legend was eating, but it looked like he’s enjoying the taste and texture of his pureed food. He actually didn’t spill his food and finished his bowl! The little boy is eating very well. It probably helped that Eric was making yum-yum sounds.


    The first-time dad says one of the reasons Legend is growing fast could be because he loves to eat. “He’s so takaw, but very behaved!” Eric said. “And yes, we make sure he has 0 sugar!” he added. Legend’s favorites so far are pureed pumpkin, sweet potato, and spinach!

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    The first-time dad is all about supporting his wife Rona when it comes to raising Legend, but he’s not one to just stay on the sidelines. Eric proudly shares that he can do anything moms do, from preparing milk, rocking the baby to sleep, and changing nappies. (Read about Eric Tai’s “happy wife, happy life” parenting motto here.)

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    Troy Montero: “Us dads need a diaper changing station, too!” because they do change baby's nappies.

    Since her daughter Rocket Miller was born, she has dominated dad Troy Montero’s Instagram account. There are lots of photos of the dad and daughter having tummy time, playing, and during nappy changes. Yes, Troy changes Rocket’s diaper; he’s actually already an expert at it.

    Being a he’s a hands-on dad, the actor is always on the lookout for family rooms in public places, like malls and airports, when he’s with his kids. While out and about at the Podium Mall with partner Aubrey Miles and Rocket back in August 2019, Troy pointed out that while the mall’s breastfeeding area is just for moms, “they do have a diaper changing table in the men’s CR,” he shared. A men’s bathroom stall has a baby seat, so dads can have their hands free while they go do their business.


    “I’m impressed!” Troy said in the IGTV video he posted. “Look, there’s a place for us, if it’s just you and me alone. Isn’t it great?” he said, speaking to Rocket. “Good job! Thank you, Podium! Awesome,” he added.

    The dad of three is calling for more establishments to have family rooms, and not just diaper changing stations in women’s restrooms. Troy also plans to highlight malls and other establishments that offer such amenities and call out those that do not.


    Read here about the benefits children receives when they have a hands-on dad.

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