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  • Facebook Lifts Ban on Pinoy NGO's Video Against Child Abuse

    The call for reinstatement reached 141 million people from 16 countries
    by Rachel Perez .
Facebook Lifts Ban on Pinoy NGO's Video Against Child Abuse
  • Two weeks ago, local non-government organization (NGO) Bahay Tuluyan posted a video entitled "Disgusting Stories" on Facebook. Then, on May 7, the social platform took down the video, citing it was in "violation of community standards" and suspended the uploader's page administration privileges. Bahay Tuluyan questioned the ban until the video was finally reinstated yesterday, May 10.

    The video was produced by Bahay Tuluyan in partnership with advertising agency TBWASantiago Mangada Puno and sociologist Dr. Elspeth McInness of the University of South Australia. Created to mark Global Sexual Abuse Awareness Month, the video reflected the silent trauma sexually abused children endure and showed the actual drawings done by sexually abused children.

    "These are stories of children that we cannot be silent about," the Facebook caption for Bahay's Tuluyan's video read.

    During the four days the video was unavailable, international and local publications compared the video’s ban with the very point that Bahay Tuluyan had sought to address, effectively silencing what the campaign was fighting for. Before Facebook’s decision, the call for reinstatement had already reached 141 million people from 16 countries.

    What other parents are reading

    Watch the video below. (Warning: This video contains drawings that depict sexual abuse of children.)

    What other parents are reading

    Bahay Tuluyan is an NGO that provides several kinds of program and services aimed at preventing and responding to abuse and exploitation of children in the Philippines. The organization encourages everyone to report suspected abuse to the proper authorities and help put a stop to these crimes through donations or volunteering. 

    To report suspected and actual child abuse, call the Bahay Tuluyan hotline +632 254-0213 For more information, visit its website or follow them on Facebook.

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