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  • Filipino Kids Join the Voice Cast of Ben 10 Made-for-TV Movie

    Find out how their parents nurtured their kids' talents for the made-for-TV Ben 10 movie.
  • Ben 10 Destry All Aliens

    Ben Tennyson and his alter-aliens are set to upgrade like never before this month with the intergalactic premiere of his first ever CG-animated television movie, Ben 10 – Destroy All Aliens, on Cartoon Network in the Philippines on March 11 at 9 AM.

    A trans-Pacific collaboration between Cartoon Network Asia and Cartoon Network Studios U.S, Ben 10 – Destroy All Aliens was written by Marty Isenberg (Ben 10, Transformers Animated, G.I. Joe Renegades) directed by Victor Cook (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated) and executive produced by Silas Hickey, Regional Creative Director of Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. 

    The movie features the original voice actors from the Ben 10 animated series. Viewers in the Philippines will also hear some Pinoy voices in the program: joining the cast are two Filipino kids, Xander Ching and Nina Teo, who voiced some of the characters in this 70-minute made-for-television feature.

    Asked when she began to see her daughter’s talents and how they nurtured it, Donna Teo, mom of 10-year old Nina Isabelle, says “I've always been a hands-on Mom to Nina, so maybe the personal touch in all aspects of her learning was the key. I encouraged her to read and I supported her in all her activities. I remember she was just around two years old when she would use a stick or even a pen as her microphone as she pretended to host a show or sing in front of people.” The role of her family members was also instrumental to Nina’s developing such talent. Donna adds, “I remember that when we were still in New Jersey, Nina, together with her sisters, would watch various kids shows and after that, they’d do their own pretend show and perform. Sometimes, they would act as weather reporters and their Dad will be the camera man.”

    In the case of Xander, his dad Mark Ching says he started noticing his child’s potential at around three years old when they heard him sing well. “We just kept encouraging him by saying “you’re doing a great job”, “we’re so proud of you” every time he sings and dances. What’s his advice for parents who also want to see their children succeed in their field of interest? “In our family, we have a saying “practice makes permanent.” If you love what you’re doing, do it with all your heart. Join auditions because it will enhance your self-confidence. Try new things –learn how to play musical instruments, participate in your school activities where you can sing, dance or act, and this summer season, enroll in an acting workshop. But above all, offer everything you do to God because all our talents are given by God. And remember to believe in yourself."
    Ben 10 – Destroy All Aliens premieres on Cartoon Network in the Philippines on March 11 at 9 AM, with repeats throughout the month. “This movie has been a truly global effort for Cartoon Network and will transport viewers from all corners of the world to a whole new galaxy as Ben upgrades his alien adventures with unexpected twists. The finished product is simply awesome, from Marty’s clever script, to the 3D modeling, vivid lighting techniques and life-like animation, this is a movie premiere that kids won’t want to miss,” said Mr. Hickey.

    Check out www.cartoonnetwork.com.ph for the latest schedules and cool Ben 10 games!

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