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  • First Filipino-written eBooks on Adoption Launched

    These online books hope to help erase the stigma of adoption.
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    Juju Looloo and baby Wuwu

    Seven stories that warm the heart
    Storytelling has proven to be an effective tool for learning and shaping values. Stories about family are universal. It cuts across cultures and economic class. When parents tell stories to their children, it helps kids learn and understand their environment. For adoptive families, these stories become tools to introduce their children to the idea of adoption.

    "At St. Paul College Pasig, teachers strongly encourage parents to find storytelling time for their young children. Our academic team strongly believes that storytelling is part of a child's learning process. It helps stimulate imagination while strengthening the bond between parents and children,” says, Marisol Fabie, Academic Team Leader, Grade School Department, St. Paul College Pasig.

    Fabie says that their school has had several adopted children as students. “They have grown up as normal students. There is actually no difference between adoptive and natural-born children. The issues and challenges they face are the same. Storytelling help enlighten children on these issues especially for adopted children. These eBooks are good start for adoptive families.”

    Flipside Publishing Services Inc will be publishing the 7 books online. Honey de Peralta, Vice President & General Manager hopes to see many adoptive families download these eBooks. “Flipside Publishing strongly believes in sending out a very strong and positive message about adoption. Through storytelling, we know we can get the conversation going between parents and adoptive children.”

    “We want families to openly share their stories so more can be inspired to adopt children,” says Atty. Bernadette Abejo, executive-director of ICAB. The ebooks are available for free download at www.iloveyouanak.com.

    Adarna House Inc. Director Agno Almario said that these eBooks will open a new category in children’s book. “These eBooks will not only strengthen the bond between parent and child, but plant the seeds for the adoptive child to be enlightened about his or her roots.” Adarna Publishing is one of the country’s biggest publishers of children’s books.

    “There really are no local books that speak of adoption telling or will act as aids in the acts of adoption telling. How fortunate for Filipino adoptive parents and their children that these books are made possible,” adds Ani Almario, School Director of Raya School.

    Design and illustrations
    Stanley Chi, a cartoonist from a leading newspaper and illustrator says, “Illustrating for children’s book is a very difficult and challenging task. I need to put myself in the mindset of our audience, children who can be as young as 2 years old. Thus, we literally go back in time.” Stanley has agreed to work on illustrations for a story to be written by Gil Velez, a professor from UST and one of the adoption advocates.

    Ben Deluyas, who illustrated one of the eBooks, says, “When I created ‘Juju, Looloo and Baby Wuwu’ I was inspired by a family member who recently adopted a baby girl. As a family, we instantly fell in love with her when we first saw her.  I wrote and illustrated this book to help loving parents tell their adopted kids that they are very special. Deluyas hopes that when adoptive families get the chance to read this book together, “it will strengthen their relationship as a family.”

    Mariel Escalabanan, a pre-school schoolteacher from Preschool Camp in Magallanes had read and reviewed all the seven books. She found them all inspiring. “Each story warms the heart of both the parent and the child. Its impact may not be immediate but the memories of these stories last a lifetime.” Mariel adds that a story well told, especially in a fun and animated way adds to the imagination of a child. “Thus, each book can be remembered in its own unique ways for many years.” Mariel is an Early Childhood Education graduate from Dela Salle University.


    Positive Change
    Raul Castro, Executive Chairman, McCann Worldgroup Philippines, knows that through this advocacy the agency can be true to its vision of driving positive values that will help transform lives.

    “Many Filipino families are willing to open their hearts and homes to adoptive kids. There is an opportunity to encourage this mindset and this is what the communications aims to do. The campaign is a solution that magnifies the life-changing, positive impact of adoption,” adds Raul.
    Abejo says, “I am happy to see this adoption advocacy campaign finally come to reality and I am very positive that this campaign will soften the stigma on adoption.” The ICAB created by Republic Act 8043 (RA 8043) was designated as the central authority in matters relating to inter-country adoption of Filipino children.

    The campaign wants to get a clear and simple message across. “Let us openly declare our love for our children. Open our hearts and homes for adopted children and allow love to see beyond differences.”

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