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  • Gorgeous Moms Kelly, Andi and Nicole Front our May Issue

    Walk the road to motherhood with these women in different stages of motherhood
  • May 2015 cover

    We celebrate the different stages of motherhood in our May issue with mom-to-be Kelly Misa-Fernandez, new mom Andi Manzano-Reyes, and mom-of-two Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles on the cover.

    Kelly, who is due in July, says pregnancy has been like a roller coaster ride for her. "What used to be important when I was single isn't so important anymore; pregnancy really changes your life," she says.

    For new mom Andi, the first week with daughter Olivia was the hardest, she says, but slowly she's been able to train her to sleep for a few hours straight. "I'm tired... but I'am actually really happy!"

    Having two little boys is a lot of fun for Nicole, mom to Alonzo, almost 2 years old, and 8-month old Luis. She warns, though that it's not easy -- "It's a learning process, you don't do things perfectly right away.But everything will fall into place eventually."

    Want a peek into our May issue? Browse the e-magazine, or download the digital version now from the Summit Newsstand!  

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