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  • Got Picky Eaters? Plate Color Affects the Taste of Food, says Study

    Find out how the simple choice of plate color affects the taste and flavor of the food you serve.
  • strawberry mousseDo you cook for your family? Do you enjoy hosting parties and personally looking after the food preparations in gatherings? Then make sure you pick the right plate color, too, to make the food more delicious – at least to those who will eat it.

    A recent study confirms that plate color actually affects how people perceive the taste and flavor of food. Researchers made 53 volunteers rate the sweetness, flavor intensity, and quality of small domes of strawberry mousse on white and black plates. They were also asked to rate their satisfaction from the strawberry mousse.

    The experiment revealed that the volunteers liked how the strawberry mousse looked against white plates versus on black plates, and that they also found it sweeter and more flavorful in the former. 

    The researchers also checked if the plate’s shape had any effect on the food’s ratings. They used circular, square and triangular ones, but these apparently had no bearing on the volunteers’ perception of the food. 
    It is probable that the white color of the plate, in a way, enhanced the color of the mousse. 


    Said researchers Betina Piqueras-Fiszman from the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in Spain, and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, "In the future, it would be particularly interesting to further investigate the effects of other colors (or, more correctly, plates having different hues) and characteristics of the plates in order to discover possible ways in which to enhance the perception and experience of food, apart from modifying the ingredients of the food."

    With these findings, parents of picky eaters can try introducing healthier food varieties or new types of food using white serving dishes to entice their kids to eat. 

    Trying out this method? Let us know how it works out. We’d love to know your personal tips as well on how to deal with picky eating. Just leave a comment below.


    November 16, 2011. Wynne Parry. “Plate Color May Boost Food’s Flavor” livescience.com 

    Photo by meshmar2 via flickr creative commons

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