• Have you Seen These Ellie Memes?

    What's cuter than Ellie herself? Ellie Memes, that's what!
  • Our March cover girl, Ellie Eigenmann, is arguably the cutest celebrity tot in her generation. Her pretty face, mestiza features and innocent look make us all go gaga whenever mom Andi posts #OOTD photos on her Instagram account.

    Ellie Eigenmann

    Admittedly, though, we've taken a fancy on someone else. Yes, we've found something on stylebible.ph that's more adorable than Ellie.

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ellie's alter-ego:

    Ellie Eigenmann

    Work, it Ellie!

    Ellie Eigenmann

    Even when she's being a "Mean Girl", Ellie still melts our hearts!

    Ellie Eigenmann

    Uhm, you wanna go easy on that ice cream, kid?

    Liked them? See more memes at stylebible.ph!

    Photos by Mark Jesalva. Memes by Yayay de Castro

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