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  • Heart Evangelista Is Coping With Her Loss One Day at a Time

    by Rachel Perez .
  • Heart Evangelista remains heartbroken

    Two months since suffering a miscarriage, Heart Evangelista is moving on and coping with the loss one day at a time. The actress, painter and style icon shared on Instagram Stories that she was putting aside the things she got for her baby girl, whom she had named Mira.

    Cute baby stuff for Heart's little angel.
    PHOTO BY screenshot by Pep.ph from @iamhearte/Instagram Stories

    "Finally had the strength to set aside the baby stuff I got for my Mira...pretty things for an angel," Heart wrote in one of her Instagram Stories last week. "In God's perfect time, she added. 


    Heart, who has since kept herself busy with projects, told Pep.ph she was not yet comfortable talking about the miscarriage or about getting pregnant again. "Actually, it’s not that I don’t wanna prioritize it, I think it’s more of I was just, so heartbroken."

    Heart continued, "This time, I just want to be very positive. And I don’t wanna plan my life as much as I used to plan before. So, if it will happen, it will happen." 

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    Primo Arellano meets baby brother Leon — and mom Iya Villania is crying!

    Two days after giving birth to her second child on August 19, TV host Iya Villania shared how her two sons met for the first time.

    Iya first pointed out to Primo that she lost her baby bump and then led him to a bedroom to meet Leon, who has a gift for his kuya! Watch  this vide0 from Pep.ph:

    Iya was washed over by emotions of now being a mom of two and the realities that come with it. 

    Any mom of more than two kids could relate.
    PHOTO BY screenshot by Pep.ph from @iyavillania/Instagram Stories
    watch now

    "Mama bear just had a bit of a cry to herself. Excited to go home coz I want the boys to finally meet but at the same time, I miss Primo so much," Iya wrote on her Instagram Stories. "It breaks my heart knowing I'll have to share my time and won't be able to attend to him should I be busy attending to his baby brother. Haay motherhood," she added. 



    Good thing her husband Drew Arellano had a more upbeat take on being a family of four. He posted a series of photos on Instagram about Primo and Iya's conversations. "I'm still your #1 right, mom?" Drew captioned the first photo. The two following photos read: "Promise? Okay, labyu!"

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    "According to the 'What to Expect' app, the baby is as big as a lettuce head, so I guess its one gigantic lettuce," the former beauty queen wrote as a caption for a silhouette of her pregnant figure. "Or maybe it's all those buffets," she added. Shamcey Supsup, who's 32 weeks pregnant with her second child, a boy, also added a hashtag that she was not naked when the photo was taken. She and husband Lloyd Lee are already parents to daughter Nyke.

    FDA approves alternative to the EpiPen


    NBC News reports that a new alternative to the EpiPen, dubbed as an "epinephrine auto-injector," has now been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The EpiPen is used to inject epinephrine into the body quickly when people suffer an anaphylaxis or a life-threatening allergy attack. However, it is expensive compared to this new FDA-approved injector, which is half the price of the Epipen and the Epipen Jr. for kids. 

    Say goodbye to pap smears and say hello to HPV testing!

    According to the new guidelines issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, women between ages 30 and 65 can rely on HPV testing instead of or in addition to pap smears. Reporting on the recommendation, Time.com says women in this age group should get HPV testing every five years, a pap smear every three years or a combination of the two tests every five years. HPV causes the vast majority of cervical cancer cases, according to the National Cancer Institute, which makes HPV testing an effective preventative measure. 

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