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  • High Level of Food Toxins Found in Baby Formula

    Researchers discover the link between infant formula and a higher risk of having diabetes.
  • Said Dr. Vlassara, "Modern food AGEs can overwhelm the body's defenses, a worrisome fact especially for young children. More research is certainly needed, but the findings confirm our studies in genetic animal models of diabetes. Given the rise in the incidence of diabetes in children, safe and low cost AGE-less approaches to children's diet should be considered by clinicians and families."

    A second study was performed, wherein a special diet with less processed, grilled and fried food showed the potential of increasing insulin resistance in adults with diabetes. These types of food are known to be packed with AGEs.

    The 18 overweight subjects with type 2 diabetes under the AGE-restricted diet had a 35 percent decrease in blood insulin levels.

    Notes Dr. Vlassara, "This clinical study begins to expose the double role food AGEs play in obesity and in diabetes, a major concern for everyone today, particularly young children. It is especially interesting that a simple intervention such as AGE-restriction or future drugs that block AGE absorption could have a positive effect on these epidemics. The tenets of the diet could not be simpler - turn down the heat, add water, and eat more at home."

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    Photo by nerissa’s ring via flickr creative commons

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