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  • Ina Raymundo, Mom of 5, Had to Defend Her 'Puson' in This Photo

    by Rachel Perez .
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  • Hot momma Ina Raymundo defends her puson!

    You take a look at the photo of Ina Raymundo, mom to five kids, above, and you can't help but be amazed how she looks gorgeous, fit, and sexy. Yet, somehow, people didn't seem to see that and zeroed in on her belly. There were enough comments of "buntis ba siya" to force Ina to write in the caption, "Peeps! I’m not preggers! The reason I have a bulge in my tummy is because I haven’t exercised since Tuesday."  

    It didn't stop there. Other netizens just thought it needed emphasizing that she had a large puson.  


    Ina couldn't help but addressed one netizen in particular. "So ano ngayon?" Ina answered the netizen, who explained she only commented "kasi malaki naman talaga."

    "Your tummy must be so flat. Let me see," Ina replied and added the hashtag #angperfectmo. "One you post your pics, [please] accept the comment," the netizen added.

    Ina's reply: "Oh, I'm having a blast." 

    watch now

    Fortunately, there were followers who felt it was best to tell people that if you had nothing good to say about a woman who is in better shape than most, just keep it to yourself. (pep.ph)

    IN PHOTOS: The Dantes family's happy weekend getaway in Batangas



    Marian and Dingdong have been busy taping for their respective shows, Super Ma'am and Alyas Robin Hood, respectively, so they took one weekend off with their daughter Zia at The Farm at San Benito, in Batangas. "A much-needed getaway with my girls," the actor-producer wrote.


    Dingdong took some awesome shots of his mag-ina, and little Zia looked like she enjoyed their little family vacation as she posed with her parents. The couple has been vocal about having more kids, and are planning to try for baby number two after finishing their work commitments. Even Zia is excited to to have a younger sibling, according to mom Marian. (pep.ph)

    WATCH: Chynna and Kean's unique save-the-date (music) video

    The husband-and-wife team has never been the type to go for tradition, preferring to make one. So for their save-the-date video, the duo sang a song they wrote together, "Walk on Water."

    "For as long as I have you by my side/All these dreams won't be denied. Now it's time to walk on water with you," Chynna and Kean sang. "Find a treasure in the sky/Stay with me all through the night," another line in the song read. 

    Close friend and photographer and digital video producer Jewel Sison shared on her blog that the couple asked her to direct the video. She dropped some easter eggs—scenes from the couple's private events such as their civil wedding and Chynna's baby shower—in the video. The two have been tight-lipped about when their church wedding will be, but many are betting it will be the same day as their civil wedding date last year, November 7.  (pep.ph)

    Reunited: Regine Velasquez, Donna Cruz, Mikee Cojuangco!

    The Asia Songbird's two-day concert over the weekend was a smashing success as she delivered stunning performances with guest singers and friends that spanned her 30-year career. But the crowd went wild when her Do Re Mi co-stars, Mikee Conjuangco Jaworkski and Donna Cruz Larrazabal came onstage to sing the movie's theme song "I Can" with Regine and son Nate.

    "Our most, most, most sincere thanks to all those who continue to love and support our dear friend, Ms. Regine Velasquez Alcasid, and to all of you who have continued to support DoReMi. Hindi niyo po alam kung gaano niyo kami napapasaya at nai-inspire. We are so very blessed and honored," Mikee wrote on Instagram. Do Re  Mi creator and screenwriter, Mel Mendoza Del Rosario told Pep.ph,  the idea of having a reunion came from the fans

    It was much-awaited reunion for the three who are all moms now! Donna has been busy raising her three kids, Belle, Cian, and Gio, in Cebu, with husband ophthalmologist Yong Larrazabal and is promoting her latest album, entitled "Now and Forever." Mikee has three kids, sons Robbie, Renzxo, and Rafael with husband Robert Jaworksi, Jr. She's been busy promoting her advocacies, such as saving the environment with nonprofit org World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). (cosmo.ph)


    Students will now get year-round transportation fare discounts

    The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) recently released an amendment to the memorandum that will provide 20% fare discount for the elderly, disabled persons, and students all year round. Fare discounts for students will now be honored even during weekends, semestral break, holiday and summer vacations, plus legal and special legal holidays.Postgraduate students, however, such as those taking law, medicine, masters, and doctoral degrees are not covered by the amendment. The new fare discount regulation will be implemented starting this Saturday, October 28. (fhm.com.ph)

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