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  • How Solenn, Anne, Iya, And More Celebrated Their Better Halves On Father’s Day!

    These celeb moms expressed their love and appreciation on social media.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
How Solenn, Anne, Iya, And More Celebrated Their Better Halves On Father’s Day!
PHOTO BY Instagram/Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis, Iya Villania-Arellano
  • On Father’s Day, June 20, 2021, celebrity moms like Andi Eigenmann, Anne Curtis, Iya Villania, Solenn Heussaff, and Coleen Garcia took to Instagram to honor their better halves.

    Andi on fiance Philmar Alipayo

    Andi Eigenmann enumerated the top lessons she's learned from Philmar, the father of  her two younger kids Lilo and Koa. The actress said of the surfing champ: "From you I learned that it's not about how much you've read in books, but about how much you listen to and pay attention to your child that makes a good parent."

    She added, "It was also from you that I learned to slow down and cherish every moment spent with our children, turning ordinary days into the most memorable ones."

    She also pointed out, "This is how I am as a mama because of who you are as a papa. I am beyond blessed to have you by my side in all of this. Kaya deserve mo lahat yan papa! Mahal kaw namo nan grabi kadako karajaw! Happy Father's Day!"


    Andi couldn't resist adding a postscript: "It's been so much fun being a part of this family because of you! As in ang saya saya!"

    And another postscript, this time to explain her choice of photos in the post: "So many good pics to use, but chose more of the throwback ones para may pang post pa 'ko next."

    Anne on husband Erwan Heussaff

    Anne Curtis couldn't help gushing over her daughter Dahlia's dad, Erwan. She said in the caption, "Being a father has chipped that solid wall of yours & has allowed smiles & emotions to flow so freely - but of course that trademark gwapo frown will always remain. You are our world, Papa. Happy Father’s Day!"

    The actress/TV host/entrepreneur shared a few snaps of her husband, who's also an entrepreneur and food vlogger. She exclaimed, "Carrying her for 9 months and her coming out as your twin just goes to show much I love you!"

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    Anne gave instructions to "swipe to see some twin realness" of father and daughter. She added, "Last photo is Erwan’s baby pic!"

    Solenn on husband Nico Bolzico

    Solenn Heussaff kept it short and simple in greeting her daughter Thylane's dad, Nico. She said in the caption, "Happy Fathers day! You are the best version of yourself as a father."

    The actress/artist/entrepreneur added, "Thank you for being so present and doing all that you do for us. I love the way you're in love with her, makes me love you even more."

    She also used her husband's native language Spanish in reiterating her greetings to the Argentine businessman: "Buen dia del padre mi amore!"

    Iya on husband Drew Arellano


    Iya Villania went all out in greeting Drew, the father of her three kids Primo, Leon, and Alana. As a "gift," she posted a video that runs for four-and-a-half minutes and highlights her husband's funny and earnest ways of taking care of their little ones.

    Iya said of her fellow GMA-7 host, "Happy Father’s Day! As I watched the final edit, I concluded you only got a little more crazy with every kid. Also, I realised how much easier it was to catch more little moments when it was just Primo."

    She added, "Anyway, here’s something to look back at to remind yourself of the kind of father you are to your children. These little moments mean everything to us.

    "To a lot of crazy and a whole lot more of loving… Happy Father’s Day, love. Our loving children have definitely come from a loving father. Papa would be proud. We love you!"

    Coleen on husband Billy Crawford


    Coleen began her Father’s Day post by greeting "all the fathers out there, most especially to the ones in my life!" She gave a shoutout to all her Titos "who have always been there for me" as well as to their "strong Daddy C, our loving stepdad Tito JB, and of course our very own Papa." She told them, "We love and appreciate you so much!"

    Coleen then reserved the best for last to Billy, who's dad to her son Amari. The actress said of the actor/singer/TV host, "My love, happy first Father’s Day! Thank you, not just for being a great dad, but also for being a great example to Amari.

    "I’m so blessed that I get to do life and figure out this whole parenting thing with you. I love you, and I’m grateful for you always!"

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