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  • How to Nurture a Child’s Talent in the Performing Arts

    Find out how you can nurture your child’s talent in acting early on.
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    She also says that introducing the art of performing to pre-school kids is beneficial in a big way because they will mainly learn about the values of being more confident, self-accepting and sociable. 

    “These are the building blocks of a confident, secure and great performer. Through acting lessons, their observation, sensory awareness, memory and speech skills are also enhanced. They experience and learn about working with a team and overcoming inhibitions,” she explains.

    At the Trumpets Children’s Theater, students can build their self-confidence and self-acceptance, and ultimately shine in their own way. 

    “As Children’s Theater teachers, we primarily lay the foundation for them to accept and love their uniqueness and individuality, and then lead them to accept, respect and love others’ uniqueness as well.

    This is the core of pre-school acting lessons,” Delarmente says. 

    These objectives are achieved through a series of simple theater games that work on the most basic principles of inhibition, teamwork, music, voice and movement, imagination, improvisation and role-playing. “For example, our music exercises initially cover music appreciation and voice projection, and then we proceed to simple topics like low and high pitch, loud and soft sounds, fast and slow beats etc. Our movement exercises focus on basic motor skills appropriate for their age. Children get the feeling that they are just playing and enjoying when in fact, they are already actually learning. We also supplement with a lot of storytelling and mini-puppet shows to sometimes illustrate a point,” Delarmente explains. 
    Delarmente also says that nurturing a child’s love for acting or performing is a process. 



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