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  • ImmunityFoundation.com | A Mom's Tool for Defending Her Child's Health

    Want to find out how to defend your child from sickness? Read on.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • As a mom, don’t you dream of a time when your child can recover from sickness faster or even avoid unnecessary sickness? It can be heartbreaking for you to see your little one suffering from an infection or disease and you feel like you can’t do anything to help. What could be a mom’s tool for defending her child’s health?

    Immunityfoundation.com is a new site dedicated to helping mothers keep their children’s immune system in tiptop shape at the time when they are most vulnerable. From age two to six, your child’s immunity is not yet fully developed. His immune organs are still immature and this exposes him to harmful viruses and bacteria. It is at this stage that moms can help their kids get the best defense possible.

    Immunityfoundation.com is complete with expert advice from highly trusted doctors on issues moms are concerned about: How exactly does immunity work? What are the signs of a weak immune system? What habits weaken my child’s immunity against sickness? It also provides practical tips for moms on how to solidify their children’s immunity foundation, from how to cleverly feed picky eaters with immunity-boosting snacks, to helping kids overcome their fear of vaccinations.


    Immunityfoundation.com also features promos and gives away fantastic prizes to moms. Just recently, a mom brought home an educational package for her child by simply posting an immunity-boosting tip on the site.
    So though it may not be possible to fully protect your kids from sickness, there are ways for you to help your child develop a good immune system to fight against sickness. Check out immunityfoundation.com to find out the many ways you can shelter your child from harm.

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