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  • Isabelle Daza's Son Had A Seizure: 'His Body Stiffened. His Eyes Were Rolling Back'

    by Rachel Perez .
  • Before creating a short animated story about COVID-19 for kids, Isabelle Daza made a video about one of the experiences any mom would not want to go through: her son Baltie had a seizure. 

    "I created this video to tell the story of what happened to Balthazar is one of the scariest experiences we had had when he had a really high fever," Isabelle wrote as a caption of her Instagram video.

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    It was during's last year's flu season when Isabelle's son Baltie suddenly started burning up. At that time, Isabelle wasn't home, so her sister did what she remembered from their childhood. She turned off the air condition and allowed Baltie to sweat out the fever. 

    But Baltie's fever shot up from 37.9 to 39.6 degrees. As his dad Adrien was giving him fever medication, he started convulsing. 

    "I was holding him in my arms when the seizure happened. His body stiffened, his eyes were shut, and it almost looked like they were rolling back," Isabelle shared. "He was biting hard on his teeth. He had no control over his movement, and I was freaking out," the new mom admitted. 


    Thankfully, Adrien got Baltie's pediatrician on the phone. The doctor said to place the little boy under a shower, which woke him up from the seizure. That's when he started to cry. To lower his body temperature, the doctor also said to wrap him in a wet towel. It's also essential to continue to hydrate the child. 

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    A benign febrile convulsion is a seizure characterized by stiffening of the extremities with upward rolling of the eyeballs. Babies younger than age 5 years are prone to convulsion because the brain is not mature enough to handle the fever. 

    According to Isabelle's learnings, it's not harmful and doesn't indicate any serious health problems. "But of course, as parents, it's frightening to see your baby convulsing." the actress admitted. 

    But it's important not to panic. "One thing I learned is to stay calm and have the presence of mind to be able to lower the fever," the actress shared. Isabelle hopes that the video helps inform and help other moms. Still, always consult your child's doctor.

    What other parents are reading

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