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  • How Iya Villania Inspired Camille Prats To Breastfeed, Get Abs, And Parent Is Friendship Goals

    by Judy Santiago Aladin .
How Iya Villania Inspired Camille Prats To Breastfeed, Get Abs, And Parent Is Friendship Goals
  • Camille Prats and Iya Villania talked about motherhood and their friendship in the latest episode of Camille's vlog, Cam Cook With Me.

    The former hosts of the talk show Mars Pa More got together as friends after the show ended in June. They covered a lot of topics, including Iya and Drew's 'mating season.'

    Iya as Camille's mom inspiration

    Camille recounts, she looks up to Iya as a mom that's why she got excited when she learned that they will be working together.

    "Because prior to that, I remember messaging you when I gave birth to Nala, tapos lagi ko lang siya tinatanong, I always follow her and watch her journey on Instagram kung pano siya kay Primo. So nung nagbbreastfeed ako siya yung go-to person ko to ask and she would always answer so sobra kong na-appreciate yun about her."

    Although the show has ended, the two moms say that they have built a friendship that goes beyond their jobs. "Working together that was what brought us together but the relationship built while working together, yun yung blessing."

    Both moms of four, they appreciate the fact that they were in the same season in their lives.

    Friendship goals

    Camille said she is grateful to have a friend like Iya, whom she can talk to about anything under the sun. "We talk about marriage life, we talk about being moms, we talk about faith, we talk about God, which we both journeyed together just during the pandemic."

    "Ang saya lang to have someone na pwede ka magkwento ng kahit anong aspeto of your life without having to hold back anything."

    Camille revealed that Iya inspired her to start her fitness journey. She recalled asking Iya how she developed her abs. "Paghihirap, Mars, as in pinaghihirapan ko talaga ito, yun talaga yung sinabi niya. Try ko nga maghirap, try ko din gawin yang paghihirap na yan. And that's what got me into really working out."





    On being a mom of four

    Camille, who is raising four children herself, asked Iya what it's like being a mom of four. "Napakasaya, Mars," Iya responded instantly.

    "Having kids - it's like a trap because you want more. Just when you think you're done, you end up wanting more."

    She then told the story behind their big family. "Before, I wanted five. After Primo, sabi ko, 'Siguro okay na ako sa dalawa,' kasi mahirap siya diba, Mars."

    Iya continued, "And then eventually, I got pregnant with Leon, na I don't know if people know this, but people think ang bilis ko lang mabuntis. With Leon, I actually wanted to get pregnant six months old palang si Primo, di ako mabuntis-buntis."

    She clarified, "So just so you know it wasn't always easy for me."

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    When she got pregnant with her third child Alana, she said it was a wonderful surprise because she didn't know her gender until she gave birth. 

    watch now

    "It was such a wonderful surprise so I was thinking siguro nga tapos na ako," Iya said.

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    The story behind Astro, Iya's fourth child

    "Having kids - it's like a trap because you want more. Just when you think you're done, you end up wanting more," she shared.

    "I look forward even to the challenging times na kunwari its just me na walang added help. I feel like it's such a good opportunity to see how to watch them cooperate and for you guys to also work together as a team, so I loved all those moments."

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    "That's why as we were watching the three of them grow up together, parang sabi namin, 'Parang gusto pa natin ng isa pa, sige nga,' that's why we had Astro. So that's the story behind Astro."

    Camille teased that Iya and Drew have a "mating season," and that's why their kids' birthdays were close to each other. To which Iya said it's during "the ber months."

    On sex and parenting

    Iya then revealed that she was in a relationship with Drew for 10 years before they got married. "I was a virgin until the day of our marriage," she said.

    She also had this to say about holding off on sex before marriage, "It's really a wonderful way of honoring yourself, and when you honor yourself, you're honoring God, and I don't know if it has anything to do with with the blessings that I've been receiving but you know, who knows, maybe that's why you know God has been so good to me."


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    Camille said Iya also inspired her with her parenting style. "One of the things that she taught me also is to just let my kids explore." She cited the moment when Iya let her kids Primo and Leon use a public toilet.

    Iya said that she lets her kids get their hands dirty because that's how they will figure out how to trust themselves.

    "There is a better understanding when they learn how to discover and use their own bodies, and when you see that you also learn to be more trusting of what they can do," she said.

    Watch our exclusive interview with Camille Prats about her blended family:

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