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  • Karel Marquez Admits She Is Exhausted, But Her Baby 'Needs Me Now More Than Ever'

    by Rachel Perez .
  • The beginning of motherhood feels like you are trying to catch your breath constantly. After giving birth, you have barely recovered when it is time to care for your newborn 24/7. There is no transition to speak of, and that can be overwhelming. How can you decipher what your baby’s cries mean when you are tired and has had little to no sleep?

    Karel Marquez Fariñas, who gave birth to her third child, Kobe, last June 19, 2019, and has been focused on breastfeeding, shared her thoughts on exhaustion after childbirth on her Instagram.

    “Isn’t it exhausting sometimes? Did you ever cry on it, trying to figure it out during the early weeks? Did you ever grunt in frustration because you just can’t get it? Or because you wanted an extra 30 minutes of sleep?” Karel wrote on Instagram last August 6, 2019.

    “Don’t worry. You are not alone,” she assured fellow moms who may be in the same situation.

    “Eventually you’ll know your baby’s language...to know when he’s hungry, sleepy, uncomfy ‘coz his diaper is full of poo, or if he feels cold/hot. You’ll know it soon,” Karel said. “It’s like I know him so well. We are connected.”

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    In her post, Karel focuses on the fact that Kobe needs her now more than ever. “I don’t get to sleep long hours at night yet because I want to nourish him by feeding him. I sleep-train him, but I still feed him at night,” she explained.

    The mom of three says she is choosing to cherish these moments as her boy won’t be a baby for long. He will soon sleep through the night and stop nursing even for comfort.

    Yesterday, August 8, 2019, Karel shared on her Instagram stories that Kobe might be cluster-feeding again. “We have been nursing non-stop. I only had on lucky and rare 1-1/2-hour break during the day, 12:30 n.n. to 2 p.m.” Karel shared. “I haven’t finished anything or... and I didn’t even shower yet, hahaha. It is almost 6pm,” she wrote with a laughing emoticon.

    Karel Marquez seems to laugh off that she hasn't showered yet because son Kobe has been cluster feeding almost all day.
    PHOTO BY screenshot @iamkarelmarquez/Instagram Stories
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    Babies who are cluster-feeding are usually going through a growth spurt and will need more milk to fuel it. It can be a trying time for a nursing mom as the baby can become fussy, clingy, and will breastfeed like there is no tomorrow. But the cluster feeding and the growth spurt will pass and might just sleep longer after overcoming that phase.

    “But all this is worth it,” Karel stressed. Seeing Kobe feeling full and sleeping soundly, “my pagod and puyat just suddenly disappeared like that,” she added. As she had previously shared, "tired but happy ang peg!"

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