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  • Kathleen Hermosa Suffers Miscarriage With Triplets, "I Asked God, 'May Nagawa Ba Akong Mali?'"

    The recently-married actress and entrepreneur experienced a blighted ovum.
    by Em Cruz . Published Nov 3, 2023
Kathleen Hermosa Suffers Miscarriage With Triplets, "I Asked God, 'May Nagawa Ba Akong Mali?'"
PHOTO BY Instagram / kathermosa, YouTube / Kathleen Hermosa
  • “We were once pregnant with our triplets.” Actress Kathleen Hermosa-Santos recently shared on her Instagram post.

    “I named them TresM! Marking this day as one of His faithful reminders. He did it to us. He will do it again!” Kathleen further said on the same post.

    Kathleen also referred to her YouTube video posted on November 1, which tells the whole story of her pregnancy.

    The 41-year-old actress and her non-showbiz husband, Miko Santos discovered her pregnancy in September. They excitedly shared the news with their families, including Kathleen’s sister and celebrity Kristine Hermosa-Sotto and her husband, Oyo Sotto.

    Around two months into the pregnancy, Kathleen and Miko visited their doctor hoping to hear the babies’ heartbeats for the first time. But instead, they learned the devastating news that the embryos had not developed.

    “Three sacs of our babies ay walang laman.” Kathleen shared.

    What is a blighted ovum

    Kathleen’s pregnancy is considered a blighted ovum or anembryonic pregnancy. According to the Cleveland Clinic, this happens when a fertilized egg implants into the uterus but does not grow into an embryo. The embryo stops growing, but the gestational sac (where the embryo would develop) continues to grow, causing a miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy.

    Usually caused by chromosomal or genetic problems during cell division, a blighted ovum is considered as the number one cause of first trimester miscarriages.

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    Still hopeful

    Kathleen voiced out her disappointment, saying “What’s heartbreaking, kasi I’m so excited, we’re all so excited for our triplets. One is already a blessing. Two is more than enough, three naniniwala ako is a miracle. Kasi wala naman sa aming merong triplets or twin, ganyan, sa genes or sa lahi or whatever.”

    In spite of the setback, Kathleen remains hopeful and steadfast in her faith. “I’m not giving up, because ang mundo ko ay puno ng miracles. So hindi talaga ako naniniwala na hindi kaya ni God gawin. Lahat kaya niyang gawin.”

    “I even asked God san ba ako nagkamali? May nagawa ba akong mali? I really don’t understand why it happened when at the very beginning of our pregnancy, my pregnancy, we really decided to just do our best even though ang daming restrictions.”


    Kathleen also admitted the changes they made as a family and how excited they were about the pregnancy. “You know the feeling when you already got your momentum of working, working hard, hustling, and then suddenly you find out that you’re pregnant and then all of your schedules are changed. And you have to adjust, in a snap. Kailangan agad makapag-adjust ka. Mabago mo lahat. And then I did. Kasi ito yung hiningi ko. Ito yung ipinagdasal ko. Ito yung pinangarap ko. And then all of a sudden, wala. It’s gone. And again after I gave my all in eating the right kind of food, drinking milk, bed rest, all that. And for me not to be able to work gives me so much anxiety. But then again I had to compose myself and pray to rest in Him, to rest in God.”

    “I learned that we are only humans, we make mistakes. We question God sometimes, and that’s normal for as long as we try so hard to make our hearts right with God. That we make sure we surrender to his plans.”

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    “I may not understand it now but soon, I will. This is not at all rejection but God’s protection and redirection. Also I believe, this is our preparation. I’m excited.”

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