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  • Video from ANZ Australia/Youtube

    If you told kids that globally women earn up to 36% less than men, they'll probably think about it for a second and then forget about it, even the girls. But it's a different story if you show them what it means in their reality.   

    For the company's #EqualFuture campaign, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) drove home the point of inequality by assigning the kids chores and then paying the girls a lower "salary." The girls reacted with confusion, anger and frustration at how unfair the situation was. 

    "It should be flat out illegal. I'm not joking. I'm not being unreasonable," said one of the girls. 

    "If you do the same work, you should get paid the same money," said another. 

    The boys--their mothers will be proud--were as equally baffled. 

    "It should be 50/50," said one of the boys. And he even adds, "When I'm older, I'm going to make a change." 

    These kids are proof that when we educate the youth, we secure their future as well. Share this video, and make a change for your daughter.

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