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  • Cute! Kitty Duterte's Family Dubs Her 'Veronica Labandera'

    Would she do her dad's laundry too? Watch and see her adamant answer!
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Cute! Kitty Duterte's Family Dubs Her 'Veronica Labandera'
PHOTO BY MousetvNet/Youtube
  • Being the president’s daughter comes with a lot of perks. For one, when the teacher asks you to do homework on the State of the Nation Address, you can get your answers straight from the source, which is exactly what President Rodrigo Duterte’s youngest daughter, Veronica, or Kitty, did.

    While we know that the Philippine president insists on simple living, we can't help but imagine the perks when you have the country leader for a dad. You probably get to visit many provinces--we expect this comes with the responsibility of being the president’s personal timekeeper. Any girl loves to dress up, and a presidential inauguration certainly called for it. And, when you find yourself in Manila, you get to stay at Bahay Pangarap

    Surely Kitty doesn’t need to do any household chore herself, right? If ever she does though, rest assured she probably knows how to get the job done. In a video that has just gone viral, Kitty can be seen doing the laundry--by hand!

    Video from MousetvNet/Youtube

    With her hands deep in the labada, Kitty washes her family’s shirts, socks, and even undergarments. When she exclaims she’s washing one of the family’s t-shirts, a voice out of frame shouts back, “Ipa-washing machine mo na lang ‘yan.” True enough, there is a washing machine right next to Kitty’s laundry spot, but that would spoil the fun. She’s clearly enjoying herself; singing and fooling around with the suds and cold water.

    At one point, another out of frame voice, which sounds like her mom Honeylet, asks her to wash her dad’s clothes. Her answer? “And, no!” Honeylet even teases the little Kitty as “Veronica Labandera” accompanied by a matching playful tune, too. 

    Though the upload date on YouTube is recent, the video is a few years old because Kitty looks younger in it than her 12-year-old self now. It is nice though to catch a glimpse of the first family’s being like any ordinary Filipino family. 

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