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  • Kobe, Andre, and Benjie Paras Speak Up About Reconciliation With Jackie Forster

    The brothers also took the opportunity to defend their dad and his wife.
    by Rachel Perez .
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  • After Jackie Forster opened up about the long-awaited reconciliation with her sons Andre and Kobe Paras, she requested everyone to respect her and her sons' privacy. Patching things up didn't happen overnight, but they all want to leave the past behind and move on in peace. 

    Since then, the family has received so many words of support and encouragement online, especially Jackie who has been posting about how she and her sons are spending a lot of time together lately: a movie-coffee date night with her eldest, Andre; watching Grammy Award-winning artist Bruno Mars's Manila concert with Kobe, and showing him her support by being present during his basketball games.  


    In an exclusive interview on GMA's 24 Oras, Andre and Kobe spoke about the reconciliation with their biological mom when they made a courtesy call to GMA Network Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe Gozon and President and COO Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr. The brothers, now age 22 and 20,  respectively, had been estranged from Jackie for 12 years.  

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    "We realized that we've grown and we've been through a lot na, you know, it's time to forgive our mom. At least now, we're all happy," Kobe said. Andre added that they never hated or disliked their mom, but that they just needed time to heal. They're happy to have finally started that process after a long time.

    Kobe shared that their dad, actor and former basketball pro player Benjie Paras, would always ask them if they want to see their mom, and that as kids, they didn't understand what forgiveness was— "Forgiveness is not something you can force to anyone. Forgiveness takes time," he said, adding, "I'm just happy na this all happened in God's blessing."

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    "We're more mature now," Andre added. "I'm thankful for all the support that you guys have given us by being patient, and there you have it, we're all happy. Hope you guys are happy as well," he said.

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    When Benjie was asked to comment, he echoed his sons' statement and kept it short and sweet. "Narinig niyo na po sa kanila na we're all happy. Tapos na po yung issue," he said. 

    The Paras brothers also took the opportunity to speak up and defend their dad and his wife, Lyxen Paras. "He's one of the greatest dads because he listened to us. Dad was there to respect our decision. He's the type of dad who's just there for us to support us no matter what," Kobe said. 

    Andre also thanked Benjie and their stepmom for treating them like her own kids. "If you guys see what we are right now, we could have been problematic people. We could have been doing other things that are bad or negative, pero we were raised right, and we're proud of that," he said. 

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