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  • Kylie Padilla is Getting Herself Ready for Second Childbirth

    Kylie Padilla is preparing herself for childbirth a second time, not only physically but mentally, as well.
    by Rachel Perez .
Kylie Padilla is Getting Herself Ready for Second Childbirth
PHOTO BY @kylienicolepadilla/Instagram
  • Kylie Padilla is set to give birth to her second child, a baby boy they will name Baby AR, in November.

    On October 6, 2019, the soon-to-be mama of two said she is already preparing for the grueling but rewarding process of giving birth — and not just physically, but also mentally.

    “Psyching myself up to the thought of giving birth again,” Kylie wrote on Instagram. It was part of her caption for a photo of herself sitting on a huge bouncy ball, similar to the exercise balls used to manage labor pain during childbirth.


    Recently, she chimed in on Chynna Ortaleza’s post about childbirth, confirming that they’re having the same anxiety about it though they both have “been there, done that!” Kylie said they share a fear of having an episiotomy.

    “Akala ko it would go away the second time ‘round, but it seems mas may anxiety pa. But we can do this!” Kylie wrote. Chynna has since already given birth to son Salem late in September 2019.

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    While she has some anxiety about giving birth a second time, Kylie is also excited “because I know what’s coming and also scared because really you never know how things will play out.” Though the actress had aimed for a natural water birth the first time, her childbirth didn't happen as planned. She labored for four days before finally giving birth through a medicated vaginal delivery.

    “All you can really do is just listen to your body and follow its lead,” Kylie added. It was admittedly an exhausting first birth for her, but the preggo mama was thankful for being able to experience “all the natural hormones” during labor and learned a lot about herself.

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    After announcing that she and her husband Aljur Abranica are expecting their second child, the actress revealed that she had been battling perinatal depression. It’s the reason it’s equally vital for Kylie to prepare for childbirth mentally.

    The soon-to-be mama of two has been sharing uplifting messages on Instagram for fellow moms who may be going through the same thing. Recently, the actress shared a poem she wrote on her Instagram Stories, which could be about giving birth (or life’s trials, in general).

    “I may get there slow/But I have strength here,” Kylie writes in her latest poem she shared on Instagram Stories.
    screenshot from @kylienicolepadilla/Instagram Stories

    She wrote about an “approach to the end” and being sure of what she knows. “And I may get there slow/But I have strength here,” Kylie wrote. “She’s just that kind of woman. She does not break. She grows,” she wrote.


    Kylie is planning to get an exercise ball like what she was using in the photo. “It’s so comfy at this stage of pregnancy,” she said. The preggo mama is currently taking it slow, spending as much quality time with son Alas before they welcome Baby AR.

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