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  • Lilo Is Too Adorable With Her Toy Propeller That Dad Philmar Alipayo Made Using Coconut Leaves!

    by Kitty Elicay .
  • Babies don’t need expensive toys and if you ever need proof, Andi Eigenmann’s latest vlog will have you convinced. Her daughter, Lilo, was perfectly content (and overjoyed!) playing with a toy propeller that her papa, Philmar Alipayo, made out of coconut leaves.

    I mean, just look at this toothy smile:

    On her Instagram account, Andi shares, “Sharing this super cute moment between Papa @chepoxz and Lilo when he made her another toy out of coconut leaves. Sustainable!”

    The photo was taken while they were documenting their morning activities in Siargao. While hanging out by the beach, Philmar handed Lilo a coconut leaf and the little girl was already amused with her new ‘toy.’

    Of course, her Papa didn’t stop there. Pretty soon, Philmar had fashioned a toy propeller out of the coconut leaves. Lilo’s peals of laughter when it started spinning was just too cute for words. She even clapped for joy and thanked her Papa for the gift.


    Previously, Andi shared that she didn’t believe in showering her kids with toys. Their simpler life in Siargao made her realize that it’s not really the material things that truly made her kids happy.

    Lilo grew up with nature as her playground. “On the island, Lilo has been used to playing with whatever nature supplies us with — an old buko or a bunch of twigs! Being on quarantine and unable to go out shopping, it made it clearer how even less our children really need to be happy,” Andi shares in an Instagram post.

    In another vlog, Andi shares that their minimalist lifestyle has already taught Ellie to not be materialistic, and she hopes to pass it on to her other kids.

    “Teaching them to not be materialistic isn’t also equivalent to hating on all of these luxuries or all of these material items. It just means raising them to learn how to be grateful and appreciative and find happiness in experiences, in other people, and in themselves,” she shares.

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    “And not have to rely on material things to get motivation or to be happy,” she adds.

    Can't get enough of the Happy Island fam? Watch their vlog here.

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