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  • What Makes Scarlet Snow's Under-The-Sea Christmas Tree Special?

    Take a closer look at the unique tree!
    by Rachel Perez .
What Makes Scarlet Snow's Under-The-Sea Christmas Tree Special?
PHOTO BY @preenonline/Instagram
  • When you think of Christmas, what colors come to mind? Red and green and silver and gold, maybe? These days, though, you can pick any theme (or color) and transform it into something festive fit for the holiday season, like what Scarlet Snow Belo's parents did with their Christmas tree this year. 

    The Belo-Khos' enormous Christmas tree is adorned with mermaids and other under-the-sea creatures, a masterpiece of Stephen Brown and Bryan Crabtree of GlitterVille, who have been designing the family's trees since Scarlet's first Christmas.

    Just how special are their services and their creations? According to Scarlet's mom Dr. Vicki Belo, the talented designers only make Christmas trees for one more client other than themselves: talk show queen Oprah Winfrey (they design the Christmas trees for the December covers of Oprah's O! Magazine).

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    The partnership started when Cristalle Belo-Pitt, Vicki's daughter who is a fan of all things beautiful, reached out to Glitterville via a private message on Instagram, hoping to meet the people behind it in person. Luckily, Stephen and Byran were in the country sourcing materials for their creations.


    The theme of the first Christmas tree the Glitterville duo made for the Belo-Khos was based on The Nutcracker Suite. "We still have a few of the decor they made from that year," Vicki told Preen. Last year, it was about animals and unicorns, which Scarlet enjoyed a lot because Stephen and Bryan made sure to use child-friendly decor, so the little girl was free to touch the decor. 

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    "Glitterville always surprises us with their themes. I trust them," Dra. Vicki said. "But this year it was so lucky. Without knowing that Scarlet was into mermaids, they made an under-the-sea inspired tree," she added. Their tree even has a mermaid sculpted with the little girl in mind—complete with an upside-down crown, which has become Scarlet's trademark head accessory. 

    The tree itself is enormous, inspiring, and true to its under-the-sea theme. Other than mermaids, you can see shells, pearls, geo-rocks, seahorses, holographic chandeliers, and more. Scarlet even helped decorate. Her dad Hayden Kho, Jr. like the pearls best, as he'd make stories based on them for his daughter and her friends. 


    Christmas decor come and go and change every year, but the heart of it is the essence of the celebrations. "We always have the belen because Christmas is about Jesus," says Vicki. We always tell the story of Jesus to Scarlet, and her dad reads the Bible to her every day," she adds. Amidst the flashy decor, what's important is family. 

    [h/t: Preen]

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