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  • Mariel Padilla Gets Recognition for Breastfeeding Advocacy

    Plus, Dingdong Dantes marks Zia's second birthday in the sweetest way, see more photos of Nikki Gil's baby Finn, and more!
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Mariel Padilla on nursing struggle: 'If I did it, you can do it, too!'

    The Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines Inc. recently gave recognition to breastfeeding advocates, including first-time mom Mariel Padilla. "Thank you so much Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines Inc. for the recognition," the TV host wrote on Instagram. It's no secret that Mariel didn't have it easy with breastfeeding daughter Maria Isabella. "My greatest achievement is breastfeeding @mariaisabellapadilla. My journey was not easy at all. I never had a lot of milk, but to this day my baby is purely breastfed. I did it!" Mariel said. 

    Mariel shared that because Isabella was slightly tongue-tied, she wasn't getting enough milk for a long time and as a result, was underweight. The new mom thus needed to work on producing more milk by consuming lactation supplements, chocolates, cookies, etc. "I ate my way to get milk that is why I am fat. I am fat for a reason... my milk depended on it. There was a time that I would eat even if I wasn't hungry just so that I would have milk to pump. I pumped every two hours religiously," she recalled. The dedicated nursing mom also didn't use feeding bottles to feed her daughter her breast milk. "I gave it to her through a supplemental nursing system or SNS, so she still latched at every feed," Mariel explained.


    "There were times I was discouraged, several times I was disappointed on my milk output, but I had the support of my husband. Our lifestyle revolved around the milk production. Everything was for the milk. Not once did he make me feel that I was fat oftentimes he would even bring me food whenever he ate out," Mariel said of husband Robin. (Read more about why husbands are crucial to breastfeeding here.) "Mommies, it can be done!!! If I did it... you can do it too!" she added, acknowledging the help of her lactation counselor Nurse Joyce Zaragoza-Martinez and everybody who contributed to her breastfeeding journey. 

    Dingdong Dantes marks Zia's second birthday in the sweetest way

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    The Kapuso Primetime King marked his daughter's birthday by pouring his heart out in a message he shared on Instagram. "As a father, there is no guarantee of until when I could hold her still like this—as if everything ahead depends solely on my shoulders. It is such a noble feeling," Dingdong captioned a photo of him carrying Zia as she wrapped her arms around her dad. "The past two years with her have been the best years of my life, and I can’t wait to see how she’ll blossom into that fine woman she’s meant to become." Dingdong is an excited dad to a toddler, eager to aid in her daughter's play and learning. "There's no time to waste... But wait, not yet. Not too fast, our #MariaLetizia," he wrote. 

    His wife Marian, on the other hand, posted a photo of Zia wearing a costume and smiling from ear-to-ear. "Feliz cumpleaños mi bebé! Te quiero muchò," she wrote in the caption. It translates to "Happy Birthday my baby! I love you so much." The Dantes family celebrated Zia's birthday with a simple dinner with the family and closest friends. Marian had said before that they didn't want a big party for Zia, but wanted to take her instead to a play place where she can enjoy. (pep.ph)


    LOOK: Nikki Gil enjoying first few days of motherhood


    Nikki Gil shared a glimpse of her first few days of motherhood at home, after giving birth to her and husband BJ Albert's son Finn on November 20. In a series of photos, we see the newborn being cradled by his grandparents and being doted on by his dad. Nikki, on the other hand, is trying to make good on sleep. Such lovely portraits! 

    Kaye Abad flaunts "totoong baby bump"

    "I’ve had so many roles na naging mommy ako. This time totoong baby bump na sya. Hindi na unan na may naka-ikot na masking tape para walang kanto ang unan," the soon-to-be mom wrote as a caption for a photo that flaunts her third-trimester belly. "Can't  wait to see you," Kaye added. She said in an interview that she's 60- percent excited and 40 percent nervous. "[Because] it's my first. I don't know what to expect," she told ABS-CBN.com. Kaye and husband Paul Jake Castillo's baby boy is due to arrive in January.


    In an interview with Pep.ph, the Cebu-based couple shared that the pregnancy has been relatively easy, except for morning sickness during the first trimester. Kaye admitted she doesn't really have a sweet tooth, but craved for something sweet after every meal. She loved ice cream and cake but was advised by her doctor not to indulge too much because she has high blood sugar. 

    Kaye thinks her husband will be the strict parent, while she'll be the soft-hearted one. "Alam ko na rin, [but] I’m not going to be [that] strict," Paul Jake clarified. Kaye added, "Kung paano siya ni-raise ng Daddy niya, ganun din. Strict, but yeah, at least balance." (pep.ph)

    Camille Prats plans "hindi magarbo" baptism for daughter Nala

    After nine years, Camille Prats revealed that taking care of a baby felt very new even if it was her second take on motherhood, but she's slowly adjusting. Like most moms, the first week was indeed filled with sleepless nights. She also had a few breastfeeding challenges, including not being able to produce enough milk for daughter Nala. "Napaka-fortunate ng mommies ngayon na grabe yung support," Camille said, adding that there are so many mommy-related products to help new moms today. 


    Nala is set to be welcomed into the Christian world this December because Camille wants her to be baptized before Christmas. "Simple lang, we want to spend it with just really close family and friends. Hindi naman magarbo, but it's going to be a celebration kasi maraming hindi nakakakita sa kanya na close friends namin. So it's also the time for them to meet her," the TV host-actress said. (pep.ph)

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