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  • Maverick and Cassandra Legaspi, or more popularly known as Mavy and Cassy, said their dad Zoren Legaspi may be the disciplinarian in the family, but it's their mom Carmina Villarroel they fear more than him.

    "Ito yung funny part, as you can see si Tatay parang disciplinarian. Si Mommy din, pero pag nagalit siya, if you make her mad, mas takot kami sa mom kesa kay tatay," Mavy exclusivey told PEP Exclusives, an on-cam interview for Pep.ph.

    "Si Dad yung usual, e. 'Maverick, do this. Cassandra, you should work on this.' Laging ganun si tatay. Si Mommy, medyo quiet lang. Pero pag nagsalita siya, kami ni Cassy, 'Okay, yes mom," he explained.

    When told it's hard to imagine his ever-bubbly Carmina getting mad, Mavy quickly agreed. He said, grinning, "Exactly! Kaya pag nangyari, masa-shock ka lang."

    Cassy seconded the motion, "That's true, matakot ka. Oh my god!"

    At 19, the twins are still in school, but they also have regular shows as exclusive stars of GMA-7. Together with their mom Carmina, Mavy and Cassy are co-hosting the weekly lifestyle show Sarap, 'Di Ba?The twins are also mainstays of the Sunday musical variety show All-Out Sundays or AOS.

    Mavy a boy version of Carmina; Cassy a girl version of Zoren

    The twins also disclosed that Mavy is the "boy version" of Carmina, while Cassy is the "girl version" of Zoren. Talking about inherited traits, Mavy and Cassy were asked who between the two of them is "matampuhin."

    Cassy laughed, exclaiming, "Oh my gosh, sila ni Mommy! Kami ni Tatay wala kaming pakialam. After a few minutes, okay na kami."


    Mavy conceded, "I can say this talaga na my mom and I are the same." He went on to say he would likely give the perceived offender in the family a cold shoulder as his mom would, too.

    But, he added, "Ito yung funny part—ako rin ang nag-first move. At first, when they talk to me, when they approach me, I'll just be quiet lang. I show them na I'm upset, na I don't wanna talk to them. After some time din, magdyo-joke na rin ako. Si Mommy, mas challenging pa yun!"

    Cassy further revealed they get alarmed when they see Carmina ignoring all of them and seemingly glued on the phone. She said, "Pag ganun na siya sa phone, matakot ka na," because it means only one thing—her mom is boiling mad.

    And always, it is their dad, the family's designated "bunso," who would know what to do.

    Mavy elaborated, "Si Tatay kasi bunso yun. Kaya pag nagtampo si Mommy, nawawala agad yung tampo, kasi nagiging younger brother si Tatay. Sweet talker!" He said all it takes is for Zoren to give Carmina a warm embrace and call her "Hon" in a loving way, and all is well again.

    The way they treat each other on and off cam is evident that everyone in the family is affectionate by nature.
    Mavy affirmed, "I think it's the way our mom expresses her love and emotions. I think that's all we get it from.
    "Especially tatay, he gets it from mom. Our younger brother, Papa Z."

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    Between the twins, who's more magastos? Who gets pikon easily? Who loves to do pranks? Find out the answers to these questions and get to know more about Mavy and Cassy Legaspi on PEP Exclusives!

    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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