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Pre-Register For Your LGU's Vaccination Program Today, Here's How
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  • Wondering how to get on your city's waiting list for the COVID-19 vaccine? You're not alone. Local government units have already began administering vaccines to high-priority groups in their areas—frontliners first, ideally speaking—and a few are now progressing down the list.

    This only means one thing: it's definitely time to get in line! We round up what you need to do to pre-register for your locality's immunization program below.

    Here's where to register for vaccination at some Metro Manila cities:

    Caloocan City

    starting with the latter. You can keep tabs on Caloocan City Mayor Oscar Malapitan’s Facebook page for vaccination schedules.


    While walk-ins are accepted for the vaccination program, it would be best if you fill out the online form or coordinate with your barangay’s health center first.

    Senior citizens can send out a representative to speak with their barangay’s vaccination point person if they cannot access the online form. You will need an official ID and PhilHealth ID number for the profiling form.

    Where to pre-register: Caloocan Vaccine Form

    Malabon City

    Malabon has set aside P200 million as funds for vaccines; half of which will be used to buy AstraZeneca doses. Medical frontliners began receiving vaccines in March while plans for a city-wide rollout are still underway.

    Authorities are looking at inoculating around 100,000 individuals with a focus on frontliners, senior citizens, uniformed personnel, and the indigent.

    The local government has made a pre-registration form available. Take note that you will be asked for your personal information, medical history, and PhilHealth number.

    Where to pre-register: Malabon Vaccine Form

    Mandaluyong City

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    The local government is implementing the MandaVax campaign for their residents. You can pre-register online through the government website; you just need to prep a clear ID picture (on plain or light background and no higher than 4MB in file size) and fill out a form.

    Once you’ve successfully pre-registered, make sure to get a copy of the waiver and your temporary vaccination card. Be sure to bring a copy of the card when you get vaccinated. By bringing a copy of these documents, they mean either a printout or a screenshot.

    Where to pre-register: Mandaluyong Vaccine Form

    Manila City

    March 28. You can watch for announcements on vaccination programs through the Manila Public Information Facebook page; just take note of which priority group will be served.

    You can register for a vaccination slot through their online platform. You will have to fill out a form to and sign a waiver. For walk-ins, the process might take longer as it does not include the time spent in the queue, according to the mock vaccination done in January.


    Where to pre-register: Manila Vaccine Form

    Marikina City

    A “mega vaccination facility” at the Marikina Sports Complex, along with nine other centers, will be capable of vaccinating around 10,000 people per day once doses arrive in the third quarter of 2021.

    Marikina’s streamlined process means that pre-registration (or screening of people for comorbidities or allergies) will be done at the barangay level. Their local task force has also assured senior citizens that residents are technically registered by default.

    Muntinlupa City

    As of January, Muntinlupa had secured 400,000 doses of AstraZeneca to be administered to their high-priority groups. They are also looking to convert 28 public schools in the area into vaccination centers.


    You can pre-register for the registration program online. You will be asked for your personal information as well as medical history.

    Where to pre-register: Muntinlupa Vaccine Form

    Pasig City

    Pasig City was the first local government unit with an officially approved vaccination plan. They allocated P300 million for the vaccination program with the first doses of AstraZeneca administered to health workers.

    Pasig residents can use their PasigPass app—the city’s contact-tracing platform—for the vaccination program as well, so there’s no need to pre-register again.

    Just make sure to monitor your contact-tracing app for new information on the vaccine rollout and make sure your registered phone number is active in case the local government needs to contact you.


    Online form for senior citizens: Pasig Vaccine Form for Senior Citizens

    Parañaque City

    Parañaque is aiming to inoculate around 60% of it’s 770,000 residents. Authorities have asked for the support of Ayala Malls, private hospitals, churches, and a school campus for help with vaccination centers.

    online orm. This is being done to screen residents who want to be vaccinated but this doesn’t immediately mean you will be eligible for the program.

    Once you’ve filled out the screening form online, the Parañaque City Health office will get in touch about your pending status. If you are approved, you can wait for further instructions from authorities through the contact details you gave them.

    Where to pre-register: Parañaque Vaccine Form

    San Juan City


    You can pre-register for San Juan City’s vaccination program through an online form. They are accepting residents 18 years old and above for their program.

    Be sure to prep a 1x1 ID picture as well as a photo of a valid ID. And keep watch over your e-mail inbox for updates!

    Where to pre-register: San Juan Vaccine Form

    Taguig City

    The local government of Taguig has set aside P1 billion as funds for vaccines. They are also looking at a total of 40 vaccination centers across the city—with three major hubs operating 24/7—to aid with the immunization efforts. Taguig City wants to vaccinate 630,000 Taguigeños in around three months once doses arrive.


    Where to access: Taguig TRACE Platform

    Valenzuela City

    The city of Valenzuela has ordered 640,000 doses of AstraZeneca with a target to roll them out for free to residents by July. The local government plans to vaccinate around 71% of the cities adult population, or around 320,000 individuals.

    Valenzuela ValTrace App

    Quezon City

    A total of P1 billion of Quezon City’s 2021 budget has been set aside for vaccines. An initial 750,000 doses of AstraZeneca are on the way, with health workers, senior citizens, and adults with disabilities the top priority.


    You can register for the vaccine rollout through the QCitizen platform, Quezon City’s e-portal. To get on the waiting list for the vaccine, you will have to apply for the QCitizen ID, a unified ID that will eventually be used for multiple services and identification purposes (e.g. Senior Citizen ID) in Quezon City.

    The local government has also clarified that there is no deadline for registration for the vaccine, even for senior citizens.


    Where to register: QCitizen Platform

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    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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