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  • Miracle Baby Returns to the NICU after 16 Years

    Rebecca Kamens helps out at the NICU where she herself was born premature 16 years earlier.
  • premature babyOn her 16th birthday, Rebecca Kamens made an unexpected request: to visit the NICU of the hospital where she herself was born as a premature baby.

    At just 29 weeks and weighing 1 pound, 7 ounces, Kamens spent three months in the neonatal care unit at the Jefferson Hospital.

    Kamens spent one week at the NICU as part of her study program at Alex Irwin. What made the stay even more special was reuniting with caregiver Maryanne Welsh, who was already working at the hospital at the time that Kamens was born there as a premature infant.

    The opportunity let Kamens learn more about premature babies and the amount of care and worry their parents have to go through. It helped her embrace and understand her past and “put together the mystery that was the difficult, but miraculous, beginning of her life.”

    •    June 6, 2011. Cathy. “Miracle Baby Returns to the NICU With a Gift 16 Years Later” GrowingYourBaby.com

    Photo from flickr.com

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