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  • Miriam Quiambao Has Given Birth To Baby Elijah Prematurely!

    Miriam Quiambao needed to undergo an emergency C-section at 35 weeks to ensure baby Elijah's health and safety.
    by Rachel Perez .
Miriam Quiambao Has Given Birth To Baby Elijah Prematurely!
PHOTO BY @miriamq888/Instagram
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  • It was not the ideal birth plan but having to deliver via emergency cesarean section (CS) was needed to ensure the health and safety of the 43-year-old beauty queen and her miracle baby.

    On February 16, at 7:32 pm, Miriam Quiambao and Ardy Roberto welcomed their first biological child, son Elijah. She was only 35 weeks pregnant at the time of delivery which makes the baby a preemie. Elijah weighed 4.7 pounds at birth.

    "Introducing Elijah Roberto! Thank you all for praying with us. Elijah was born at 7:32pm on Feb 16, 2019 under emergency cesarean procedure led by @dr.beckysingson. He weighed 4lbs 7oz., cried heartily, had an Apgar score of 10 and has a perfect latch. Glory to God for answered prayers! So grateful to God for this wonderful gift!" Miriam captioned their first family photo with Elijah, a repost from Ardy's Instagram.

    The new mom of two was aware that she could give birth prematurely. On Miriam's 30th-week ultrasound, her doctor told her that the baby is too small for his gestational age and that her placenta is thicker than normal. The baby's head had also descended, and her cervix has gotten shorter.


    She was told that if her condition does not improve a week after her 34th-week ultrasound scan, she would need to undergo an emergency C-section to deliver her baby safely and healthily.

    At around 6:00 pm yesterday, Miriam messaged their family members to ask for prayers as she was about to undergo an emergency CS. Ardy cited the reason "No more amniotic fluid" as the reason for the procedure.


    Miriam asked family for prayers before going through an emergency C section
    PHOTO BY @ardyroberto/Instagram Stories
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    Miriam and Ardy, who are already parents to adopted son Josh, had been asking for prayers hoping baby Elijah would cook a little more inside her mom's womb. They were hoping for Miriam's pregnancy to reach at least the 37th to 38th week before she had to deliver the baby.

    "While we're excited to see baby we're praying that Miriam won't give birth just yet since that means Elijah will be a preemie. We're just in our 34th week," Ardy wrote on Instagram on July 11. "But if the doctors decide tonight that it's the best for baby to have an emergency CS, then we'll see him tomorrow!" he added.

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    "We're trusting that our Abba Father will be faithful to complete this good work—this miracle baby—that he created," the soon-to-be dad of two said.

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    The first-time mom did not have an easy pregnancy, but she has braved through them through prayers and the full support of her family and friends as well as her doctors.

    At 21 weeks pregnant, after a routine congenital anomaly scan (CAS) in November 2018, Miriam was also ordered to be on bed rest for a week. She was having persistent premature uterine contractions, which, if not stopped, might "push the baby out."


    In December 2018, Miriam revealed that she had Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APAS), a condition that could threaten her pregnancy. The bruises on her stomach, the preggo disclosed, was because of nightly heparin injections, which is part of her APAS treatment.


    Little Elijah Roberto had an APGAR score of 10!
    PHOTO BY @ardyroberto/Instagram Stories

    New dad Ardy is ecstatic with the arrival of baby Elijah. He was the first to post Elijah's birth announcement, and added, "More to come... Have to take care of my wifey now as she recovers from the procedure. Pls continue to pray for her..Baby's fine and was a model breast feeder. :) God is soooo good!"

    Congratulations to the Robertos!

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