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Mom of Young Lady Whom Ellen Adarna Calls a Paparazzi Speaks Out
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  • UPDATE, May 7, 2018, 6:30 PM: Eleila's mom Myra posted a message on her Facebook account which states that their family is consulting a lawyer for possible legal action against actress Ellen Adarna. In it, she says, "My lawyer indicates that you will have five days to reply to this letter. Should you fail or refuse to do so, we will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal actions necessary under the circumstances, to protect and uphold the best interest and welfare of our 17 year old, Eleila A. Santos."

    Below is the message in its entirety: 


    After Ellen Adarna called out a young lady on social media for allegedly taking a video of her and her boyfriend, John Lloyd Cruz while dining at a ramen restaurant last Friday, May 4, the mother of the said lady is speaking out. 

    In response to questions from SmartParenting.com.ph sent via email, the mom of Eleila Santos said she believes her daughter, who is 17, is innocent of whatever Ellen is accusing her. 

    Addressing Ellen, Myra Santos writes, "I know my daughter will never do what you are accusing her of doing. Kung hindi kita kilala, mas lalong hindi ka kilala ng anak ko, and I can't see any reason for her to take a video and photos of you. I didn’t bring her to one of the most reputable schools in the Philippines to be a liar. Those are not the values we taught our daughter.


    "I heard from the comments that you are pregnant or have already given birth. Someday you will realize how I feel as a mother. You hurt me more than you hurt my daughter."

    Eleila's mom insists that Ellen had no right to post a video of her daughter on social media. "If you had any problem with my daughter, you should have told her directly or at least got my number and called me. I would take the responsibility since she is still [a] minor. I would not have tolerated what she did if it was wrong. But, on this issue, wala ako makitang mali sa ginawa ng anak ko. Her response showed that my daughter is innocent and sincere." 

    Eleila, who is an incoming college freshman, already denied via Twitter that she was taking a video of Ellen and John Lloyd at the said restaurant in Makati. In an exclusive email interview with SmartParenting.com.ph, she maintained that she was just making a video of the restaurant because it was known to be the "best restaurant for ramen." 

    According to Eleila, she and her friend arrived first at the restaurant. She recognized John Lloyd, but she did not know his companion. "I’ve heard of (Ellen Adarna's) name, although I’m not sure of what she looks like."

    Eleila said she had no clue that Ellen was taking her video until she was on her way home hours later. A friend called to tell them that she and her friend were on Ellen's Instagram Stories. Part of Ellen's caption read, "When you PAP us, we PAP you, too!"

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    Eleila told SmartParenting.com.ph that when she found out about Ellen's post, "I took a chance to message her on Instagram about it. I also sent the video of what I took but got no response from her." 

    Eleila said her initial reaction was to laugh about the incident. "But then we decided to post since what Ellen did was very personal and invasive of our privacy."

    On Twitter, Eleila has received both positive and negative feedback about the whole incident. While there are those who tell her to stop with the act and admit she was secretly taking a video of the Ellen and John Lloyd, Eleila says most of the messages she has received say they believe her. And despite the unwanted attention, Eleila isn't hiding but is actively replying and commenting on the tweets sent her way. 


    "We learned firsthand the power of social media through the support we got from those on Twitter and Facebook." That said, Eleila adds, "People should be more wary of what they post on social media, especially those with a large following since their posts influence public opinion. A person’s privacy should be respected at all times and posting pictures of someone without their consent should be avoided." 

    Elaila's mother agreed that people need to be more careful of what they post on social media. "The things you post about people affect them in ways that you may not realize before posting, which is why it’s important always to be selective about the things you post online. This is especially so when you are a person that has a large following like
    Ellen does because it not only starts pointless conflict online, it also implicates the lives of those involved. Just be careful with what you post and be aware of the repercussions that come with posting."

    And while she and her family are deeply affected by what has happened, Elaila's mother said she is very proud of how Eleila has been handing it all. "This incident made me realize how strong my daughter is. I felt sorry for her, but I’m proud of the way she answered the comments that she was getting on social media."

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