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  • Mom Urges TV Program Sesame Street to Show Breastfeeding Women

    One mother is rallying the support of thousands in the U.S. to bring back breastfeeding on television.
  • In recent months, we have heard a number of stories about moms who were humiliated for doing something that, a few decades ago, was a more widely-accepted practice. Yes, we’re talking about breastfeeding. How many breastfeeding moms have told you about their humiliating memories of being reprimanded or sent to the comfort room because they were nursing their babies in a public establishment?

    To show their support and help empower these moms, certain restaurants have even announced themselves to be a breastfeeding-friendly place, where moms don’t have to be afraid of being sent away or chastised for feeding their babies. 

    There seems to be a popular discontent about women who nurse in public, driven perhaps by breast exposure which others perceive to be immodest or indecent. The same is true, it seems, for popular media. 

    In the ‘70s and ‘80s, TV wasn’t averse at all to breastfeeding. In fact, even children’s program Sesame Street encouraged and promoted the act of breastfeeding, by having nursing moms guest on the show and explain why it is important, as shown in these videos:


    Sesame Street – Buffy Nurses Cody



    Sesame Street – Maria breastfeeds


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