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  • Access For Free! Fun Learning Activities You Can Do With Your Kids at Home

    Watch all modules on demand for free on NESTLÉ Philippines' YouTube channel.
Access For Free! Fun Learning Activities You Can Do With Your Kids at Home
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  • As parents all over the country make adjustments, temporarily from switching traditional schooling to distance learning, parents are now expected to take an even more prominent role in their kids’ learning.

    Although this task may seem daunting, it’s definitely possible with the right tools.

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    To assist moms and dads in supplementing their children’s learning, NESTLÉ Philippines offers the NESTLÉ Ready eCademy. It’s a series of free online modules encouraging holistic learning through fun experiences, done in partnership with certified teachers from the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program.

    The modules are divided into three series that reflect different platforms promoted by NESTLÉ brands:

    1. Learning through play with CHUCKIE
    2. Developing health, hygiene, and good habits with BEAR BRAND Fortified Ready-to-Drink Milk and BEAR BRAND Yogu
    3. Staying active at home with MILO Ready-to-Drink

    In these videos, children and parents alike will get to enjoy doing fun learning activities relating to science, math, health, fundamental movement, and more through practical experiences and application — all in the comfort of their homes.

    Keep your kids occupied with these activities to give both their brain and body a good exercise!

    Access all NESTLÉ Ready eCademy modules on demand and for free by clicking here.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with NESTLÉ CHUCKIE.