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  • New Facebook App Detects Flu-Spreading Suspects

    Caught the flu? A new app on Facebook might tell you who you probably got it from.
  • girl snifflesDown with the sniffles or the chills? While the Department of Health (DOH) says we’ve reached the end of the Philippines’ official flu season, many people may still be feeling under the weather, given the chilly temperature, the lowest we’ve experienced in years. This is because of the northeast monsoon and the tail-end of a cold front. Expect the cold weather to extend well into February. 


    As a response to the alarming flu rise in the U.S., (more than 40 states have reported a widespread increase in flu activity), the DOH has released an advisory to the public, urging people to be wary of fever-like symptoms, including sore throat and cough. Children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with heart, kidney or lung-related problems, in particular, were indicated as most prone to the flu.

    Said DOH Secretary Enrique Ona, “Influenza can be a very serious disease. It can lead to hospitalization or death”. Thus, people are still urged to still be vigilant about their hygiene (proper washing of hands), coughing and sneezing etiquette (covering the mouth and nose), as well as social distancing (avoiding possibly flu-infected people, as well as steering clear of crowded places). 

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    Speaking of which, the Facebook team recently teamed up with healthcare product company Help Remedies to come up with an app to tell you who might have infected you with the flu, or who to avoid if you aren’t.

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