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  • New Study Further Proves TV Impedes Kids’ Development

    Here's more proof why playtime, not TV time, is still the best for your child's development.
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    Unstructured play is best

    Given these findings, the AAP recommends that children below 2 years old be given unstructured play time, which is best for them at their age. This helps develop their critical thinking, problem solving skills, reasoning, motor and self-entertaining skills.

    Parents are urged to set limits on their child’s TV viewing time, and avoid placing a TV set in their child’s bedroom. They should be aware which programs may actually be detrimental to their child’s development, even if the child may not even understand the program. TV sets should be switched off when no one is watching and adult programs should only be watched when no children are around.

    Said Brown, "In today's 'achievement culture,' the best thing you can do for your young child is to give her a chance to have unstructured play -- both with you and independently. Children need this in order to figure out how the world works."


    Here are some guidelines from the AAP:

    • Discourage media use for kids under age 2 – or at least set media limits and have a strategy if they do choose to engage.
    • Instead of using screen time to entertain a child while making dinner or taking a break, get the child involved in unstructured play with blocks or nesting cups.
    • Don’t put a TV in a child’s bedroom.
    • Parents should monitor their own media habits, which can affect their children.

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     Photo by oddharmonic via flickr creative commons 

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