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  • New Trend: Grandma ‘Baby Showers’

    Is it charming or is it over-the-top?
  • Grandma

    Move over, expectant mommies. Even grandmas are throwing baby showers nowadays!

    Grandbaby showers, that is. Part of an emerging trend in the U.S., “grandma showers”, as they are called, lets grandmothers receive gifts that will help them in raising their grandchildren-to-be.

    “Grandmas are a lot more involved these days, whether it’s picking the baby up from a day care or keeping their kids for the weekend,” says Shannon Guyton, editorial director at TheBump.com. “They need their own set of gear.”

    Adds Rebecca Dolgin, also from TheBump.com, “With more and more baby boomer parents taking on the role of nanny to their grandchildren, they too need a car seat, stroller, high chair and other gear that can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.”

    But some parents are not at all quick to agree.

    For instance, grandma showers are entirely separate from the mother-to-be’s own baby shower, therefore requiring whoever is to attend both celebrations to bring two gifts. Should both grandmothers throw individual showers as well, then family and friends would need to bring even more presents. Some mothers feel the party might become more like a “personal fundraising”, stealing the spotlight from infanticipating women and designed to get even more gifts for the baby.

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    A blogger, Lyz Lenz, feels grandma showers are a display of bad etiquette. “Call me a selfish pregnant lady, but me having a baby is about me and my baby, not about my mom.”

    Guyton, however, advises those planning to organize such parties to schedule these after the expectant mother’s own baby shower, and to not feel pressured to buy new baby items. Instead, token items such as children’s books will suffice.

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