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  • New Website Lets You Check if Your Partner is On Tinder

    You might finally confirm--or disprove, hopefully--that gut feel.
New Website Lets You Check if Your Partner is On Tinder
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    If you think the online dating app Tinder is only for single people, you're wrong. The appeal of Tinder has far outgrown its original purpose -- that is, for people to find significant others. You might be suprised to find out that 1.7 percent of its 50 million users worldwide are married -- that's over 700,000 users, not counting those who lied about their marital status.

    Call it gut feel or women's intuition -- and okay, sometimes it's just paranoia, too -- but if you ever have that itching feeling that your partner is cheating on you, on Tinder, this new website might be of help. 

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    The newly-launched website Swipebuster could help you confirm if your partner has a dating profile on Tinder. All you need is a name and location, and the website will do the rest for you. It can tell you if and when they were swiping, the last time they were on Tinder, or if they even actually have an account in the first place. It comes with a price, though: $5, or less than P250 for three searches. How? It digs into Tinder's very public application programming interface (A.P.I.) which contains all the info on their users. 

    Take a look at how it works: 


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    For those who have no idea how Tinder works, here's the gist. Users fill up a profile and the app serves them a list of potential matches. Using their profile photo as your basis, you swipe left for 'no', for those who do not interest you, and you swipe right for 'yes', meaning you would like to get to know this person. People can only talk to other users who mutually swiped right on their respective profiles. Translation: They already sort of like each other based on their photo or profile, which means less chances of rejection and better chances of hooking up.

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    Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair swears that Swipebuster works, "though the the service can be spotty, especially when searching for people in larger cities." She says the website had actually pulled up profiles of specific Tinder users they were looking for. One could also register on Tinder and check for himself, but we think many people find it easier to just shell out a few hundred pesos to confirm or squash a hunch.

    This is not the first time a breach of user privacy had hit an online dating site. In 2015, hackers had threatened to expose information about the users of Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people, unless they shut down the site which is said to promote extra-marital affairs. 

    What other parents are reading

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