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  • 'Advanced Mag-isip!' Nico Bolzico Already Planned Meeting Thylane's Potential Boyfriend

    Nico Bolzico is just being sweet and protective of his daughter. (Or is he?)
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Two months since Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico welcomed their first child, daughter Thylane, and the new dad has already had his share of first-time parents' experiences. Nico already got pooped on and had accepted that they will not be sleeping well anytime soon.

    Being a girl-dad, Nico has probably spent time thinking way ahead. On Instagram, he shared his gameplan for when he meets Thylane's potential boyfriend, whom he collectively called "Greg."

    "I will hold your hands forever #Thylane, especially when you bring your first boyfriend home!" the first-time dad wrote on Instagram. It's not only a sweet show of support, but Nico might literally mean it.

    #ElPadre, a.k.a Nico, promised that his antics would have led his daughter's suitor to think he's a fun dad is just a ruse. He promises not to be funny nor friendly to Thylan's potential suitors.

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    The first-time dad shared the rules for her daughter's potential suitors& when he and Solenn found out that they were having a girl. Now, he's laid down the "rules of engagement" for when Thylane's lets a potential boyfriend meet her parents.


    Aside from holding his daughter's hands, which Nico intends to do for the whole duration of the possible-boyfriend encounter at home, the first0-time dad will also implement the following:

    • Nico will not smile when he meets his daughter's suitor.
    • #ELPadre will have constant eye contact with the suitor.
    • "The initial handshaking will be harder than normal to set the tone of the situation," he added.
    • No kissing or "any socially accepted couple's interaction" while under his roof.
    • Thylane will sit next to her dad during dinner while the suitor will sit right across.
    • Their pets will also always stare down the suitor during dinner.
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    "Can't wait for these family gatherings!" Nico quipped.

    What other parents are reading

    Serious or not, the new dad's post earned many funny reactions. One comment read, "Dude, child. She's not even 1." Aside from receiving the tag, "advanced mag-isip," other comments predict that Greg will probably start the #BulliedSuitorsClub,

    Many marked Nico's post as a sweet gesture and an eternal promise that he will protect his daughter as much as he can. Perhaps Solenn and Thylane might put their foot down, asserting their own capabilities to discern a potential suitor's character.


    Nico would probably go ahead with his plan stealthily. #Girldads typically act calm and composed when faced with the idea of their daughter having friends who are boys, taking note of who's who, where they live, and what-not.

    What other parents are reading

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