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  • Nico Bolzico Shares Advice on How to Treat Wives During Their Monthly Periods

    "We need to be extra sensitive these days," he shares.
    by Nikko Tuazon for Pep.ph .
Nico Bolzico Shares Advice on How to Treat Wives During Their Monthly Periods
PHOTO BY @nicobolzico/Instagram
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  • Nico Bolzico discussed in his latest Instagram post a topic that concerns women, but also affects their husbands and partners: The monthly menstrual cycle that usually puts most women in a sensitive mood. Women complain about everything when it's that time of the month because of the discomfort of wearing pads and, worse, when they have menstrual cramps.

    It would seem that Nico can relate to this. Last Tuesday, December 4, the 35-year-old model-entrepreneur shared how men can help their wives (and themselves) when they have menstrual period.

    He wrote, "#Wifezilla: *during period* #ElBolzico: *breathe* #Wifezilla: ? (see picture)

    "Today, at the #BulliedHusdbandsClub session, we will be talking about those days of the month when our #Wifezillas hit CAPSLOCK on emotions ... We call it #TheRedSeason. We know this is a taboo topic so we decided to address it! It is very important for a husband to be aware of that period and understand that her period is also his period. During these days our #Wifezillas might ovary-react a bit and that's ok!"

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    Nico went on and listed down four important tips to husbands.

    "It is our responsibility to adapt to their situation, so here there are a few tips to avoid husbands to be murdered during this period:

    "1- Understand that this is not a joke, they feel bloated and in pain, there is NO way, us, men, can handle that every month, so show some respect.

    "2- Do NOT allow her to be hungry, a woman in her period and hungry can be a deadly combination, she can easily turn into a T-Rex and we all watched Jurassic Park.

    "We advise to check levels of hungriness every 30 to 45 mins, this can vary depending on the breed of your #Wifezilla.

    "3- Make sure you take care of ALL the house tasks, not just the usual ones that you don't like: taking the garbage, doing the dishes or making the bed; during this period be ready to do the laundry, iron, and feed the cat (yes, feed the freaking cat)

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    "4- Be a man and buy tampons or those special towels that absorb the blood! Make sure there is enough inventory for at least 2 decades. Running out of those can lead to an apocalypse, just watch Terminator 2 and you will understand."

    Towards the end of his post, Nico summed up his post and said, "In conclusion, we need to be extra sensitive these days.

    "If you have any doubts feel free to call our #BulliedHusdbandsClub hotline, one of our wives will answer first and pass the phone to us.

    "Also, I might be dead after posting this pica of #Wifezilla. #IfYouReadThisFarLetMeKnow"

    Can you relate to Nico's post above?

    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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