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Plantation Bay Apologizes, Says It Was 'Wrong To Question The Mother's Motives'
  • After its response to a mom’s review went viral, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa released an apology last night, December 8, 2020. 

    The apology is signed by Manny Gonzalez, the same “resident shareholder” who responded to the review. (You can read here the mom's review and the resort's reply that went viral.)  

    Gonzalez called his handling of a guest’s complaint “poor” and added he was “wrong to question the mother’s motives.” He also said he deeply regretted “leaving the impression that we are not supportive of the community of parents with children who have special needs.”

    Here’s the apology from Plantation Bay’s Facebook. Plantation Bay

    Gonzalez reiterated in his apology that the resort’s strict noise-making policy is in place for the guests’ safety. He insisted it has led to zero drownings, a point he also made in his original reply to the mom.

    Gonzalez wrote in his Tripadvisor reply to the mom that with almost three hectares of space, it was essential for the staff “to hear cries of distress even from far away.”


    He further explained the “strict policies regarding noise-making” is to ensure the staff does “not become so used to hearing screaming that they ignore a real cry for help. And once one child starts screaming, others tend to follow in imitation.”

    In the comments sections, many took Gonzalez to task about this logic. They said the resort needed more lifeguards if safety was the concern and that those well-trained would know the difference between a cry for help and a child’s squealing for joy.

    Many also pointed out that if it was a child-friendly resort, it needs to know how kids — with special needs or not — behave.

    In a statement on Facebook, Autism Society Philippines says Plantation Bay's apology "is a significant first step. Sadly, the company has a long way to go."

    It continues, "Plantation Bay Resort & Spa stands firm on their belief that there is NO ROOM for reasonable accommodation for the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities — even equating it with parental 'pride.'  All this, as the nation commemorates National Human Rights Consciousness Week.

    "We hope the company acknowledges the need for rights-based disability sensitivity training and a review of its policies and processes against the Magna Carta of Persons with Disabilities."

    ASP has said, this is an “opportunity for disability sensitivity training and a review of the resort’s policies and procedures for compliance to RA 7277, the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability.”

    Plantation Bay can do better, and ASP said its organization, including the Department of Tourism and the National Council on Disability Affairs, “can help facilitate education in ‘invisible’ and often misunderstood disabilities.”

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    ASP advised parents who may find themselves in a similar situation to escalate it first to the establishment’s top management “to amicably resolve your issues and teach the organization what accommodations are needed by guests who manifest their disability uniquely. Very often, top management responds with kindness and compassion.”

    However, if the issue is not resolved, ASP has these instructions for parents with special needs:

    “You may file a civil case in court or with the Commission on Human Rights for violations of the RA 7277, the Magna Carta for Persons with Disability. Please take note of names, places, events, dates, times and screenshots to complete documentation of the incident.”

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