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  • Promina baby food now with Sangkap Pinoy Seal

    When looking for alternatives to homemade baby food, look for products that bear the Sangkap Pinoy seal to ensure the right amount of nutrients.
  • "Vitamin A and Iron play a big role in the nutrition of children in general," Velandria said. "Case studies show that lack of these micronutrients leads to underheight and underweight children age 0-5 in the Philippines. Such cases are bound to increase if parents remain unaware of the cause and how to prevent this occurrence."

    Besides supporting the food fortification progam, Promina also aims to address the country's malnutrition crisis which, according to Food and Nutrition Research Institute, affects over 7 million children age 5 and below.

    Most Filipino children are fed porridge (lugaw) during their weaning stage. But parents are unaware of the meal's lack of nutrients. They also see complementary food as expensive and not important to a child's diet.

    Promina instant porridge and Promina baby cereal are ideal food and supplements with their Sangkap Pinoy seal. They are affordable products with a wide range of flavors that help complete a child's nutritional needs.

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