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  • Pregnant Rachelle Ann Go Says She Is Scared Of Giving Birth: 'It Is Really Scary'

    by Rachel Perez .
  • On Friday last week, November 20, 2020, U.K.-based Filipino musical actress-performer Rachelle Ann Go and husband Martin Spies announced that they are expecting their first child. 

    “Finally, we are expecting!” Rachelle Ann, or Shin to her family and friends, said enthusiastically. 

    “We are so grateful for this new season, this new blessing. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it. I’m gonna be a mama. Mama Shin and Papa Martin,” she continued as she held her growing baby bump.

    At the time of their pregnancy announcement, Rachelle Ann found out she pregnant at 8 weeks. At the time of the announcement, she was already 10 weeks pregnant. 

    Rachelle Anne Go was scared of childbirth and motherhood

    In their vlog, Rachelle Ann and Martin were obviously overjoyed about their pregnancy. But the award-winning theater actress didn’t always have such emotions towards being a mom. 

    “If you asked me [a] few months ago when are we going to have a baby... I will always tell you that “I’m not ready yet!!” and “Maybe next year, I still need to finish my contract/show!” Rachelle Ann wrote on Instagram.

    She shared that she was too scared to give birth. But since the pandemic shut down everything, Rachelle Ann found herself looking at many baby videos.

    “I felt like maybe this is the right time to start a family,” she added. Rachelle Ann had to be sure she was ready, so she prayed for a baby only if God thinks she and her husband are ready.  Viola! Their little bundle of joy is already on its way. 


    It’s okay to feel scared; every pregnancy is different

    You can read pregnancy and parenting books but still find yourself thinking like you don’t know what you got yourself into once you’re experiencing it. No one knows if they’re ready. 

    “You might be like me, scared to face motherhood... It’s okay to feel that way and acknowledge that,” Rachelle Ann said. “It is really scary, but remember, we are strong women,” she added. 

    “Don’t let other people’s experiences turn you off. Our bodies are all different. We can all cope,” she said.

    Rachelle Ann reminded women — whether they’re praying for a baby for longer or have experienced loss — to trust in the Lord’s grace and be patient with His timing. 

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