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  • Rufa Mae Quinto rushed to the hospital

    "Hold on baby @alexandriamagallanes," wrote the preggy sexy comedienne on Instagram, after being rushed to the hospital yesterday for reasons she has not yet revealed. "Anak mahal ka namin at madaming abangers sayo so wait 1 more month. We will see you and the world," she added in her caption. Rufa Mae also used her post to thank her husband Trevor Magallanes for being with her at the hospital. "You are the greatest dad. I'll tell our daughter that when she gets older. In another Instagram post, she wrote, "Ganito pala maging Ina, kailangan sobrang tibayan at sobrang lakas ng loob mo para mairaos mo ang anak mo sa kung ano ang test. Totoo ang kasabihan na you are risking your life pag preggy. Natakot ako, ninerbyos, pero bandang huli, I told myself I have to be strong for my daughter @alexandriamagallanes. Sa tulong ng asawa ko, naging mas madali kanina naka recover kami agad ng anak ko." Get well soon!

    "Every day is Mother's Day" in the Arellano household


    Four months into parenthood, Drew already gets a picture of the kind of sacrifice motherhood requires. He has nothing but praises for his wife Iya. "Iya, being a first-time mother, she’s doing a phenomenal job. She’s working, she wakes up four times in the middle of the night without waking me up in bed just to pacify Primo, feed Primo. It’s just a phenomenal job. Every day I think is Mother’s Day," he told Pep.ph during the press conference for the new show People vs. The Stars, which the couple will be hosting together. Iya says she doesn't want Primo to get used to the bottle at least until he starts on solid food. Drew, on the other hand, has already perfected putting Baby Primo to sleep. "When Primo was probably one month or two month-old, ihehele ko siya to sleep. Kapag ayaw, isasayaw-sayaw ko, kakanta ako. Production number talaga!" (pep.ph)

    Fine Arts student reimagines Filipino food as cute babies

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    Fine Arts student Basil Nacionales, also known as B-Tan online, has reimagined our favorite Filipino foods as babies -- and they're oh-so-cute! Nacionales explained in an interview that she "got hungry while working on a proposal for an illustration book study for a class" and has come up with 15 "food babies" (well, technically they look like toddlers). Some of the characters she created are pancit, adobo, balut, halo-halo, and lumpia, and all of them are dressed in local Filipiniana costumes from the different regions of the country. She says she plans to come up with a children's book and stickers featuring her characters. This could be a great tool in introducing your tots to classic Pinoy food faves! Click here to see more of food babies. (manila.coconuts.co)

    Mom of four delivers own baby via C-section

    Stay-at-home mom Sarah Toyer of Queensland, Australia gave birth to her fourth baby via C-section -- and pulled out the baby herself. Sarah had delivered her first three babies via C-section, too, and explained that for her fourth baby, she wanted to be more involved in the birthing process. After reading an article on maternal-assisted births, she realized that it was the most she could do given that a vaginal delivery is never going to be an option for her. "It was important to me because I had never been able to push my baby out and experience a normal labor and birth and thought this would be the closest thing to a natural birth, which I knew I could never have," she said.


    Thankfully, all went well and the moment was captured by her husband in photos. "To be the first one (other than the surgeon) to touch and hold my baby was amazing. To finally see that baby you’ve been growing for so long is definitely worth it. I wish I could relive that moment all the time — it’s so hard to put into words how incredible it felt!" Sarah said. She shared the photos online to spread the word about maternal-assisted births. (babble.com)

    Mammograms tied to breast cancer over-diagnosis
    Diagnosis rates for early-stage tumors and pre-invasive malignancies on the breast have surged in recent years. However, a new study offers evidence linking routine mammogram screening to the over-diagnosis of non-aggressive tumors on the breast. "Over-diagnosis means that healthy women get unnecessary breast cancer diagnoses. A breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event for the woman and her family, with substantial implications for their quality of life. It also leads to overtreatment with surgery, radiotherapy and sometimes chemotherapy—we know these treatments have serious, sometimes lethal, consequences," said lead study author Dr. Karsten Juhl Jorgensen, of the Nordic Cochrane Center and Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. The findings of the study is not meant to discourage women to have mammograms, but rather to be cautious, and also for health practitioners to use the screening test more wisely. (gmanetwork.com)

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