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  • Ryan Agoncillo Shows Lucho the Simple Joys of Life With a Trip to the Sari-Sari Store

    Ryan Agoncillo’s latest #StoriesforLucho story shows it's the little things that count.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • On September 4, 2019, Ryan Agoncillo told the story of how he explained to his son that little things count the most especially when shared with loved ones in another #StoriesforLucho post. The dad of three uses the hashtag on social media when he shares nuggets of wisdom and life lessons to his only son. (Read more about his posts here.)

    A couple of weeks ago, Lucho had a playdate with his best friend, and they spent it in a sari-sari store. The 8-year-old told his parents how fun it was that he wanted to do it again.

    “So last Sunday, my wife and I finished afternoon work, we were pulling up to the house, we spot ate and kuya waiting for us in the garage,” Ryan shared. Lucho asked if they could go to a sari-sari store to get merienda, perhaps like how he and his best friend did.

    Ryan and wife Judy Ann Santos obliged, and they drove Lucho and his Ate Yohan to the nearest sari-sari store where they bought chips.

    When they got home, Ryan asked his son which bag of chips tasted better, the one from the sari-sari store or the one in their pantry at home. “Mmmm, the one from the store!” Lucho replied, adding the chips from the sari-sari store tasted “cheesier.”

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    Of course, Lucho knew it was the same brand of chips, but he wondered why he felt the one from the sari-sari store tasted better. And here was the part where we are glad Lucho asked the question, and Ryan did not dismiss it. 

    Ryan replied to his son that the difference must have been “just the context” of how Lucho was eating the chips he purchased from the sari-sari store. Confused, Lucho asked his dad what he meant by context.

    The dad of three explained it means “everything that happened, waiting for us, riding the back of the truck, paying the manong tindero, sharing with ate, you enjoyed all of that even before you took your first bite,” 

    “Oohhhh…” Lucho said in reply. Ryan shared his son gave him a look “like I was saying something crazy as he was slowly walking away with a smirk.”

    Lucho, however, understood what he meant because during dinner, Lucho asked his mom a similar question: “Mom, why does dinner taste so much better when we’re all together?

    Ryan’s story is a perfect example that more than any toy, children crave to have happy memories with their parents, family, and friends. It’s not the material possessions that matter to them, but the time you spend with them. It doesn't always even need to be a vacation (though going on one benefits the whole family). Even the most mundane moments become simple joys — and they’re the ones that count.

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