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Sarah Lahbati: 'Kids Need to Play Outside Like We Used To'
PHOTO BY @sarahlahbati/Instagram | Pampers
  • Parents can only agree when we say that the home is never a hundred percent in order when you have toddlers running around. Once they know how to walk and hold their toys, you can only expect them to roam around the house, leaving a trail of toys in their wake. While it can be stressful to keep everything in order, allowing them to play and explore can aid in their development.

    Actress and mom of two Sarah Lahbati believes in the importance of letting kids play and move freely. “I think for me, it’s so important especially now in this technology age wherein everybody is on their tablets, in front of the TV, or just home and not going out [to] get fresh air.

    “Kids need vitamin D, kids need to play outside like we used to. I make sure my kids do that,” she shares in an interview with SmartParenting.com.ph during a Pampers event that launched a campaign to provide newborn kits and access to play areas in hospitals. Sarah serves as its advocate.

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    Raising two boys while juggling other responsibilities can be tough, but Sarah is proof that it can be done. With Zion exploring different activities and Kai just learning how to crawl and walk, the proud mom makes sure she’s always there for them.

    “It’s important for my kids personally that they feel the independence to move freely, but also know when to ask me a question or whatever help they need from me. Again, it’s important for all of us to make sure the environment in the house is galaw-friendly,” Sarah explains.

    Letting your child jump, play, and run outdoors is important for his development. In a previously published article, we highlighted the findings of a study that showed how active movement can help kids learn more effectively.

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    Bambi Borneo, president of Mother and Child Nursing Association of the Philippines (MCNAP), says that “two to three hours of playtime and exercise for babies during the day will not only help them develop physically but cognitively as well. It’s important for babies to move comfortably without much bulk hindering their movement.”

    Choosing comfortable clothes, picking a quality diaper that doesn’t sag, and making sure the whole house is childproof are just some of the things you can do to lessen your worries when your little one starts walking and crawling. Aside from keeping the house a safe place for your child, bringing him outdoors is an alternative that you can look into.

    “My kids are so energetic and so playful so one tip I’ll give is to encourage playtime. I love going out in nature or just in the park. For Kai, he’s practicing how to crawl so there’s a lot of tummy time for him and I make sure he crawls and gets that exercise,” Sarah adds.

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