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Say Goodbye to All The Bad Vibes With This Brilliant Coloring Book
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    The person behind this new adult coloring book is a genius—and it's the perfect way to swear off all the bad vibes this year.

    Introducing the Sweary Coloring Book. Instead of coloring intricate patterns that most adult coloring books feature, this coloring book's pages will let out a bang when you finish a page. Illustrator Sarah Bigwood, of Chelmsford, England, artfully drew 20 of her favorite curse words. She put up a Kickstarter project to fund her unique adult coloring book, and it has collected over 13,000 British Pounds as of this writing. Safe to say, it's has a following—and we're not at all surprised.

    While we don't actually encourage swearing or cussing—most especially in front of the kids!—it's not hard to admit that, sometimes (yes, the times when you just can't help yourself), it does help release the negative energy.

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    We can list down some those times right off the bat:

    When you totally forgot about that parent-teacher meeting...



    When breastfeeding is painful but you still do it anyway...

    Because you know you want do it.


    When you are sure that someone's lying to you...

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    When you can't assemble a toy properly...

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    When you burnt that dinner you were cooking...


    When 24 hours is not at all enough to finsih your to-do tasks...

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    In fact, many have tried it and have posted their finished artworks on Bigwood's PixRahDesigns Facebook. 

    sweary coloring bookPhoto by Argentina Coy‎ on PixieRah Designs/Facebook


    sweary coloring book Photo by Lacey Roice‎ on PixieRah Designs/Facebook

    sweary coloring bookPhoto by ‎Meaghan Savidusky Loy‎ on PixieRah Designs/Facebook

    The good thing about this adult coloring book  is that your child won't have to hear you. You can just peacefully color a page beautifully and de-stress while you're doing it. It's spiral bound, so you can tear off the pages (and frame them, perhaps?). Just make sure your kids don't see you or find that page with their kid-friendly coloring stash.



    You can purchase the coloring book or its pages here. The artist also has other more kid-friendly coloring book pages which you might fancy, too. 



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