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  • Check Out Scarlet Snow's Prayer Book and Marian Rivera's Doll Named Maria!

    by Rachel Perez .
  • Scarlet Snow now has her very own prayer book!

    Drs. Vicki Belo and Hayden's Kho, Jr.'s adorable 3-year-old daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo, shares a fresh collection of stories and prayers in her new book, My First Prayer Book, a read-along guide to help parents teach kids about prayer.

    "Allowing them to talk to God at an early age will help them develop a good relationship with Him,” Hayden and Vicki wrote in the foreword.

    Scarlet Snow's My First Prayer Book includes 10 easy-to-follow prayers, (e.g., prayer to give thanks, prayer for someone mean to you, prayer for mom and dad, and more) and essential life lessons that they have instilled in their daughter. Scarlet Snow Belo’s My First Prayer Book is now available in leading bookstores and in Lazada for only Php285.

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    Marian Rivera's flower business expands!


    Marian's flower shop, Flora Vida by Marian, now offers chocolate truffles and a cute doll named Maria, and it's just in time for the upcoming Valentine's Day. "When we don't have words, chocolate can speak volumes," Marian wrote on Instagram.

    Marian says the doll's name means a "beautiful, confident woman who dreams big, loves hard and face her fears head on." She adds, "No matter how young or old you are, dolls provide us with warmth and the feeling of sureness and comfort."

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    Sitti's Lilbub's had a lip and tongue tie

    The Philippine Bossa Nova Queen revealed her first baby, daughter Issiah Dañelle, had a lip and tongue tie. She and husband Joey Ramirez decided to have them cut to improve Lilibub's breastfeeding.

    "My breastfeeding journey is not without its challenges. Blebs on both breasts, mastitis, oversupply. This child persevered through them all," Sitti wrote on her Instagram. "Ang sipag niya talaga dumede — and to think she had lip and tongue tie all this time."

    Since Sitti's baby couldn't latch properly due to her lip and tongue ties, Lilibub's been gassy, and it has kept both mother and daughter up all night. "Every time she choked during a feed, I felt so sorry for her," the singer added.

    Many people commend her nursing efforts despite the challenges, but Sitti says all the credit belongs to her daughter, more so after going through the minor surgery. "This afternoon she surprised us all by feeding on both breasts again," Sitti proudly shared.


    The first-time mom couldn't help but rave. "Our 10-week-old champion of a preemie baby. Your dad and I are such huge, huge fans of your grit and determination, Lilibubs!"

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    Rochelle Pangilinan and Arthur Solinap are having a girl!

    Soon-to-be parents Rochelle and Arthur hosted their baby shower last January 20, 2019. Instead of a surprise baby shower organized by the preggo's friends, the couple decided to host the party to celebrate Arthur's birthday the day before.


    Apart from their families, friends in and out of showbiz were present to celebrate with the couple. Among the celebrities who attended were Rochelle's best friend Andrea Torres, Mark Bautista, Manilyn Reynes, Nova Villa, Michael V, Jo Berry, Mikee Quintos, Carlo Gonzalez, and Louane Dy.

    So, it was a birthday, baby shower — and a gender reveal party! Rochelle and Arthur announced they are expecting a baby girl in late February or early March, barely a month away!


    Rochelle told Pep.ph that Arthur likes the name Shiloh, which means "His gift" from the Bible. She, however, has not yet decided on one name, though she is leaning on the name Elisha, which means "perfect joy" or "supreme joy." We'll know soon enough if they just decide to combine the two names they love.

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    Pediatricians against lowering the age of criminal responsibility

    The Philippine Pediatric Society Inc. (PPS) joined human rights and child welfare groups in opposing the revised bill that seeks to lower the age of criminal liability from 15 to 12 years old, Inquirer reported. The House of Representatives yesterday, January 23, 2019, approved the revised proposal on its second reading. The original proposal was to bring it down to age 9.

    Along with Filipino child experts and health professionals from Child Protection Unit, Philippine Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and the Philippine Society of Adolescent Medicine, the PPS reiterated the "scientific and medical" reasons behind their original position to keep it at 15, adding that evising the proposal and raising the age to 12 makes "no difference."

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    House okays, on 2nd reading, the bill legalizing medical marijuana

    Congress also approved House Bill 6517, or the proposed "Philippine Medical Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act," on its second reading which seeks to legalize and regulate the use of marijuana for medical purposes, CNN reported. Research has shown that cannabis has benefits and therapeutic uses in treating chronic or debilitating medical conditions such as such as arthritis, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, among others.


    The bill includes the provision to establish Medical Cannabis Compassionate Centers (MCCC) which will be authorized to sell, supply, and dispense cannabis to qualified patients or their caregivers through S3-licensed pharmacists. The authors of the bill stressed that it does not allow marijuana to be smoked in its raw form as a plant or as hash.

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