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  • Scarlet Snow Asks Her Parents a Tough Question. They Answer Her as Truthfully as Possible

    by Rachel Perez .
  • Since her debut on a Belo Baby ad in 2016, Scarlet Snow Belo has captured the hearts of Filipinos because, yes, she was adorably cute. But because of her parents’ decision to share her milestones and hilarious antics on social media — bringing happiness to 3 million Instagram followers and counting — we get to see her grow up into this amazingly bright toddler. And the credit goes to Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, who try their best to be as honest as possible about their parenting including the tough situations they face.

    Watch any videos of Scarlet, and you will understand why many of her fans see her as their “stress reliever.” And she is just being herself — she isn’t acting for the camera. But, like other toddlers, if she is “performing,” it is to get her parents’ attention, the only audience that matters at her age. Her fans? She doesn’t comprehend the concept yet, but she is now wondering why strangers seem to know who she is. 

    “Now lang she’s starting to be aware at 4 years old. She’s like, ‘Why does everybody know my name?’” Dr. Vicki Belo told GMA News Online in an interview at the advance screening of The Lion King that their family hosted on July 14, 2019.

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    Scarlet’s parents do try to answer her as truthfully and appropriately as possible. For example, in one of the videos posted on Instagram, Scarlet asked how other people see her from the phone when “people are not on the phone.” Hayden, who believes every moment with his daugter can be a learning opportunity, explained that the phone has a camera, which he’s using to record the video and then post it on Instagram.

    While Scarlet Snow has been in the public eye, Vicki and Hayden make it a conscious decision to raise Scarlet with a “normal” childhood as much as they can. They want their daughter to be kind, compassionate, and humble. But they try their best to discipline Scarlet with love. They usually call her out right away if she misbehaves. 

    “We always treat her normally in the house. She has to do her chores, she has to washes the dishes, you keep them grounded in the house,” Vicki said.

    It’s also the reason why they take a lot of family vacations abroad, Vicki shared. Scarlet can enjoy time with her family without getting stares or people taking photos of her.

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    Vicki admits she hopes Scarlet Snow wants to be a dermatologist, so she can continue the Belo Medical Group. That’s why she asked Hayden for their daughter to carry her surname.

    Scarlet’s Snow’s surname and how she was conceived are just some of the reasons the celebrity doctor is okay with being tagged as a modern family. Vicki and Hayden also have a wide age gap plus she already has two adult kids, Cristalle and Quark, before they married.

    “But we are traditional in the sense we have traditional values, we’re very old fashioned. Very Christian our values, everything in the Bible we try to follow,” Vicki stressed. “We’re very adventurous, we’re always traveling so I guess it’s modern and traditional,” she added.

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