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  • Scarlet Snow's Answer to Why She Loves Her Parents Proves What Kids Value The Most

    Scarlet Snow thinks of her parents as the best mom and dad ever — she loves them "up to heaven and back to Uranus!" So cute!
    by Rachel Perez .
Scarlet Snow's Answer to Why She Loves Her Parents Proves What Kids Value The Most
PHOTO BY @scarletsnowbelo/Instagram
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  • There is a lot of truth when people say, "Never underestimate children." We've written about what kids need and value the most while they are growing, using studies and surveys to back these up, but the best proof still is to hear it from a child first-hand.

    Yesterday, May 20, Scarlet Snow Belo and mom Vicki Belo celebrated Hayden Kho, Jr.'s birthday. They threw him a not-so-surprise birthday party (someone squealed about it!) which coincided with the opening of Hayden's very first photo exhibit.

    The mom-and-daughter duo also posted their birthday greetings, well wishes, and love notes for Hayden on Instagram, and one particular post on Scarlet Snow that Vicki posted on her Instagram stood out. It started as a video of the 4-year-old telling everyone why she loves her daddy (and mommy!) so much.


    "Mommy, you know how I love Daddy?" Scarlet asked her mom. "No, Scarlet, how much do you love daddy?" Vicki replied. "I love [him] up to the heavens and back to Uranus. And also I love you to heaven and back to Uranus," Scarlet professed as her mom chimed that Pluto is the farthest planet in the solar system.

    "Why do you love daddy so much?" Vicki prodded. "And you?" the little girl added. "And me. Why do you love daddy and me so much?" the celebrity doctor rephrased her question. "Because you're the best mommy and daddy ever... in the world," Scarlet replied. 

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    Mom Vicki then asked why Scarlet considers them the best mommy and daddy ever in the whole world. Scarlet paused for a bit, as if to think about her answer, and then replied, "Because you always eat with me, and play with me, and spend time with me, and everything."

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    Scarlet's answer is a simple but profound proof of what kids value the most — time and presence — and the preschooler said so herself: she loves her parents for the time they spend with her.

    We can only surmise what Scarlet Snow thought about when she briefly paused before answering: it could be the time her parents share a meal with her, read a story with her before bedtime, being present during her school's moving-up ceremony. It's perhaps the time they spent on family trips—and their destination may not even matter much.



    Studies and surveys can tell you that kids are less stressed when they are with their parents, and kids prefer vacations with family instead of toys. Time spent with your kids is an investment in their emotional bank account and becomes their happiness anchors growing up.

    Want to find out for yourself? Try asking your kids — they might just give you the same answer.

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