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Shamcey Supsup's Daughter Nyke Can Read, Subtract At Only Two Years Old!

She certainly takes after her mom, who graduated magna cum laude in college.

The 2011 Miss Universe third runner-up is proud of her daughter Nyke's new milestone: reading!

"Couldn't be more [proud]" Shamcey wrote as a caption for a series of video clips of her little girl reading a book while pointing at each word. "My ate @nlakelceylee at 2 years and 10 months!" the mom of two added. 

But wait, there's more: Shamcey also included clips of her daughter doing math worksheets. With some guidance from her teacher, perhaps, Nyke is already doing subtraction. "Very good!" Shamcey was heard saying in the background.

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One netizen said Nyke reads almost like a first grader and she's only two years old!
PHOTO BY screenshot @supsupshamcey/Instagram
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A lot of the comments were praises for Nyke and also Shamcey, who graduated magna cum laude in college. 

LOOK: Saab Magalona breastfeeds while singing at a gig!

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If only we could capture Jim's Instagram Story video. Little Pancho was busy under Saab's nursing cover.
PHOTO BY screenshots from @jimbacarro/Instagram Stories

Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro held a benefit gig for The Luna Memorial Fund, a foundation they set up and named after their late baby girl, Luna Isabel. The gig, which was also a Christmas party, was held at 20:20 in Makati City and featured the couple's band, Cheats, and two others bands, Oh, Flamingo! and Tom's Story. There was no fixed entrance fee, and instead, the audience was encouraged to "pay what you want."

Before the gig started, Jim Bacarro shared in his Instagram Stories how Saab multi-tasks between being a mom and vocalist for Cheats. The video showed Saab wearing a nursing cover as she breastfed their son Pancho during the soundcheck. 

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Celebrity mom Saab multitasking: breastfeeding while singing during a pre-gig soundcheck!

"Pump rock," Jim aptly wrote on his Instagram Story video. "Hahaha. Wala kasi sa schedule yung sound check eh!!" was Saab's reply to her husband when she shared the clip on her Instagram Stories.

It looks like Pancho was not present during the actual benefit gig though, which turned out to be a huge success.

"That was the best gig. Thank you for all your donations," Saab tweeted, adding that it surpassed their target income. The celebrity mom also shared that the funds will be used to buy a deep freezer for storing breast milk for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the East Ave Medical Center in Quezon City, and diapers. 

Saab celebrated her 30th birthday last November 23 by giving donations and holding a talk on breastfeeding and newborn care to the moms and their babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of East Avenue Medical Center, Quezon City. 

Bangs Garcia writes a heartfelt message for daughter Amelia on her 1st birthday!

Valerie "Bangs" Garcia's daughter Amelia celebrated her first birthday on December 5, and the new mom couldn't help but feel emotional about the year that was. She felt utterly thankful for Amelia, God's wonderful blessing to her and her husband, Lloyd Birchmore. 

"My dear Amelia, you have turned 1 year old today; the day I first felt the unutterable joy of becoming a mother," she wrote on Instagram. "I would love to relive that exact moment when I shed tears of happiness as I heard your first cry, saw you and held you in my arms on that blissful day over and over again," she added. 

"No words can describe how much you mean to us, there’s nothing that could lessen our love for you as you have it now and for all eternity," Bangs said. "No matter how old you might be, you will always be our sweet little cherub," Bangs ended her letter. 

Bangs wished her daughter a life always filled with love, happiness, success. She also asked God to guide and protect Amelia as she grows up. Amelia will have her birthday celebration over the coming weekend. 

Kris Aquino is proud of son Bimb's almost-perfect grades!

Bimb Yap, who has been homeschooled since 2007, has achieved another milestone in his academic life, his mom Kris Aquino proudly shared on Instagram.

"The past few months tested the fortitude of our family of three, but this mama actually had no reason to fear," Kris wrote in the caption. "Why? Because our 11-year-old bunso is the best example of strength and resilience. Thank you, God, for the reminder that we have so much to be grateful for," she added. 

His grades are as follows: an A in Art, Music, and PE, and an A- in Religion. He got 93 in World History, 94 in Math, 97 in English, and 99 for Reading, Spelling, and Science/Health. 

In the comments section, one netizen pointed out that Bimb does not have a Filipino subject. "He has, his Filipino teacher comes every Friday, his name is PJ," the Queen of All Media replied. She explained that Bimb is focusing more on learning conversational Filipino. "He's actually teaching himself to speak Japanese," Kris added. 

Ellie Eigenmann's birthday brought together her parents' families for the first time

Early photos from Ellie's gymnastics-themed 7th birthday party showed her parents Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito reunited. It turns out that it was also the first time the Eigenmanns and the Ejercitos got together. 

"I just want to take this opportunity because today, it's special not [only] because it's Ellie's birthday, but it's also I think the first time that both families have gathered for Ellie," Jake said. 

Ellie's grand aunt Cherie Gil, Ninong Gabby Eigenmann, cousin Isaiah, aunt Jerika Ejercito, and Lola Laarni Enriquez were just a few of her family members who greeted her and sent well wishes in the video. Of course, Andi and Jake also gave their heartfelt messages for their daughter.

"Always remember that I love you so, so much, and I hope that you had fun on your special day. Mom's just here for you," Andi said. "Whatever you want to do in the future, always know that Dad and Mom will always have your back," Jake said. 

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