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  • There's a New Term We Use and It's "Mombod"

    Dadbods shouldn't hog all the internet fame and appreciation
  • First, let's discuss the "dadbod". Just last week, "dadbod” started to create some buzz on the internet (see here, here and here).

    It’s the internet showing some love and appreciation to the semi-fit but also quite flabby male body physique, which is, quite frankly, a refreshing and welcome change to today’s diet- and workout-obsessed digital age.  A dad-bod isn't necessarily from a male who is technically a father -- it's the physique that the term describes, such as the following:

    Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying a day in the sun

    Leonardo DiCaprio's dadbod


    Jason Segel
    from the TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother

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    Jason Segel's dadbod

    Body acceptance is great but why should dads get all the lovin’? Moms need it too! So the internet (and Buzzfeed) answered back with… the mombod!

    Moms (and non-moms) everywhere took photos of their mombods and posted them on social media with the hashtag #mombod. Some are small, some are big, some have stretch marks, some don't -- the imporant part is that they all love their bodies just the way it is.

    The mommy below posted this with the caption:
    No hiding my #mombod this year! No more feeling uncomfortable in my skin... Breaking out this summer... Hell even if I don't get to go to the beach, I strut it through the neighborhood. #iaintscared.. #dedication #equals #progress


    These amazing bodies carried another human being's life for nine months!

    Have you got a mombod yourself? Be proud! Power to the mombod!

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