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  • Single Dad Taught Himself How to Do His Daughter's Hair and Now He's Teaching Other Dads Too!

    If moms can style their daughters' hair so should dads!
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    Slowly but surely the world's hard-drawn lines on gender stereotypes start to blur away. More moms are starting to learn how to be dads and dads are learning to be dads.

    According to Buzzfeed, one particular single dad, Philippe Morgese, has taught himself to do his daughter's hair. Dare we say, it's even better than how some moms do it. In fact, he's good enough that he's teaching a class about it.

    Morgese started out with the simple hairclip when his daughter, Emma was just a baby. As she grew older, he went on to pigtails.

    Today, his hairstyling skills are off the charts as he upgrades to more complicated braids. Even more amazing, he learned it by himself.

    Photo from huffingtonpost.com

    Soon, a lot of people were complimenting his handiwork (and his daughter's hair!). A fair few dads also wanted him to pass on his knowledge and skills to fellow dads and so, he decided to start a "Dads and Daughters" hair class.

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    The class was free. “I didn’t want any cost to anybody — I didn’t want to stop anyone from learning,” Morgese told Buzzfeed. And for the first class, seven dad and daughter pairs showed up. He taught them how to brush hair, how to style it into ponytail, into a bun and do braids. “There was some struggling, but all the dads really put in the effort," he added.

    Photo from Imgur

    A day after, he posted photos of the class on Reddit and Imgur where it has since been viewed 2.8 million times. "I'm so proud of these dads for stepping up and building a better bond with their daughters," he wrote on the post.

    Because of the class' success, he's now made a Facebook page for it, Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, which has now over 6k likes.

    Way to go, Dad!

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